GENERAL DESCRIPTION. □ PACKAGE OUTLINE. The NJM/ integrated circuit is a dual high-gain operational amplifier internally. D – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. D are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for D.

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Hello, I am facing a strange problem with this circuit. Should I just use a mono amplifier with similar specs as the tea? A dual potmeter allows you to connect both left and right channel on one potentiometer. Another problem I encountered is the TEA chip seems to be a pretty old version and many electronic shops are out of stock.

The amplification could be too high. How much voltage rating should have uf capacitor for this circuit. Thanks for your help.

Cheap d Datasheet, find d Datasheet deals on line at

Pls oyvind,help me here also i will download your book sooner by grace can you provide me with a schematic of 4 stage transistor 2. Mini jack on one side, loose wires on the other side to plug into your breadboard.

You only need a few capacitors to make a decent stereo amplifier out of it. Datasjeet, Check the datasheet of your potentiometer to find out the pin configuration, then match that with the diagram above. You can read about the potentiometer here: Trackbacks […] TEA — 2. Can u suggest me some solution to get get the rid of this noise.


So for the stereo amplifier you need a dual pot. Hope you can help Thank you.

D Datasheet –

Do you have any ratasheet Hi Andy, If the sound is very low, you can try to increase the volume of your input device. I have just finished asembling the bridge version and I am impressed of the quality and the power of this IC! But if you want more power, check the datasheet for how to connect the outputs in mono-setting. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Datasgeet email address will not be published.

It is basically a map. Last edited by kak; 26th October at On the input side, you should use a dual potentiometer. What is the diagram software that you used to create these circuit diagrams?

Are the potentiometers needs to be a Dual Potentiometer 6 pins or can I use 3 pin potentiometer? Pinout can vary by different types so allways check from datasheet These are the pins in test circuits I found various completed circuits out of hi-fi systems and portable 4558dd.

Any clue Oyvind would be really appreciated. The amplifier circuit diagram shows a 2. Check out the TEA datasheet for more information on that On the input side, you should use a dual potentiometer. dattasheet

Hi Zach, you can schematics in the datasheet: I have wireless bluetooth speakers that came with my phone that i want to put front in-dash, a TEAD circuit from an old treadmill and a TEA 45558d i got from an old hi-fi.


Hey, The design I created was double-sided. Sample maps can be found in the internet if you are interested in building your own map although the diagrams […]. The IC is probably running out of power. I have been looking for a good datashert amplifier circuit diagram for a long time. If you have the correct DC voltage in, the circuit is fine as long as the power supply can prove enough current.

Everyone can improve even if they are complete beginners or 455d built many circuits from before. Thanks sir you are really doing, but I plead your indulgence to ask you of how to build a W stereo power amplifier.

Those capacitors are there for filtering. Check the datasheet of your potentiometer to find out the pin configuration, then match that with the diagram above. How can the power consumption for computing be reduced for energy harvesting?

Can i use 25v capacitor???

AF modulator in Transmitter what is the A? Yeah, it is pretty good, right?

(PDF) 4558D Datasheet download

This will make the sound noisy. Pls help me with the schematic or circuit. Losses in inductor of a boost converter 9. If you need exactly 6, you can play a round with the resistance on the input.

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