This is my second selection in the Regency Romance Reading Challenge , our celebration of Regency romance author Candice Hern. A Change of Heart (Proper Companion, book 2) by Candice Hern – book cover, description, publication history. Read “A Change of Heart” by Candice Hern with Rakuten Kobo. Fans of the traditional Regency Romances of Georgette Heyer and the more.

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After years of abuse at the hands of her father, she hides her fragile spirit behind a facade of gregariousness. Notorious rakes can be interesting heroes. A Lady’s Point of View: How they come together, and, well this is a romance so you know they will in the end, is a delightful discovery. Well, in Regency land any women beyond 20 is basically on the shelf old But, she is of noble birth so that’s how she can still hang out and mix with the ‘ton’.

Geart how to canrice JavaScript on your browser. Perhaps, as my options grow slimmer and I start to see merit in a real life rake, assuming he is willing to have me, as well, I shall opt to have my own detector surgically removed cnadice find my own happily ever after, but that, my friends, is fairly irrelevant in relation to this review and I would need to see if it is even a covered procedure under my current healthcare plan.

If you think one rake is very like another, perhaps you have never attempted to befriend one, with no intention toward reform or romance. This story is technically kisses only but it’s not what I would call sweet.

Much different from Lady Mary of Dowton Abbey fame. Candcie finds out Mary is richrichrich and they get engaged.

A Change of Heart (Regency Rakes, #2) by Candice Hern

Overall, it was an excellent and engaging romance full of funny, sharp dialogue, and beautiful Regency-era descriptions. This is all very by the book but it went off the rails for me. Jack is has lost his brothers and his nephew in a terrible accident and now he finds he has suddenly inherited a title and a mountain cange debt. On the Way to the Wedding with 2nd Epilogue.


A Change of Heart (A Regency Romance)

As they progress down her long list of possible young ladies, Lord Pemerton finds plausible reasons to eliminate many of them: I cannot wait to read this book!

Aug 21, Lyuda rated it it was amazing Shelves: As his sole heir, she inherited this estate affording her the freedom of independence so rare in a Regency lady—and she rather likes it that way—since she believes that as an ugly, insignificant and unmarried lady she can do as she chooses.

She is a heartbreaking character, so realistic in her complete lack of self esteem and unwilling to believe her true worth.

This is actually the second of three related books. Winner to be announced on Thursday, March 7, Jul 18, Kristi rated it liked it Shelves: So I was almost to the happily every after and it happened. A definite must read Like Like. THe second romance between Olivia and Jack’s uncle also a nice touch. I had never heard Hern until the challenge but have read the first three books.

Kindle Editionpages. I loved that they were imperfect and had a genuine friendship. A Day for Love.

A Change of Heart. Dec 06, Gail rated it it was amazing Shelves: March 20, ISBN: He has inherited massive debt and has to marry for wealth. I liked watching them figure each other out even while knowing the other shoe was going to drop and ruin everything.

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So, unlike most heroine, Lady Mary is short and ugly, or so her dad says. I love her cheerfulness, despite her horrible childhood, and heatr relationship with Olivia, her companion.


Jack finds Mary to be so friendly and easy to talk to. There is sex but it’s of the “fade to black” variety. The prospect of Black Jack Raeburn sounds exciting…he sounds very clever and sly but also fun.

Sounds like just my kinda novel! Mary is verbally and physically abused by her father in hexrt of her childhood so she ehart up thinking that she is very ugly and the only way someone is going to marry her, is through her money.

A Change of Heart (Proper Companion, book 2) by Candice Hern

See All Customer Reviews. Even though, its hard to forget the way one has been for so long and therefore they both take precocious conclusions and suffer a lot.

As his sole heir, she inherited cbange estate affording her the freedom of independence so rare in a Regency lady—and she rather likes it that way—since she believes that as an ugly, insignificant and unmarried lady she can do as she chooses. The storyline was nice but their relationship seemed shallow. He realizes he’s in love. Beart s unavailable for purchase.

Now as the Marquess of Pemerton, he has inherited six heavily mortgaged estates and all the responsibility thereto. Thanks for introducing me to this author, and a big thanks for the giveaway.

Things were going too smoothly.

In effetti Olivia non ha tutti i torti, Mary non immagina minimamente che Jack candie un cacciatore di dote. A definite must read A true change of heart I can’t remember the last time I was so moved by a story.

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