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She is also an assistant at the Department of Russian Language of the same university; her research interests include lexicology, phraseology and cognitive semantics.

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Many of the theories that build the theoretical framework of communication science were developed by American sociologists. The so-called folk media may be the first on the spot for the simple reason that someone with a digital-camcorder or a smart phone just happened to be there ahead of a professional reporter.

Science Communication between News and Public Relations. More often than not, their messages have no identifiable sources; they do not discriminate between fact and fiction, between information and opinion.

The simple fact that someone witnessed an event happening and the mere chance of recording it on a platform is just excitement or even fun in case of an unexpected appearance of a movie star or a rock idol. He is interested in communication, media studies, journalism, PR and persuasion.

In this paper we analyse how the social distance is re-evaluated in the case of participants to the communication flux from the Facebook page of a student group monitored for a period of six months. Fact is that, in the private television business, there were and still are no definite laws to protect reporters, producers and engineers and their jobs as there are no regulations for editorial, financial or artistic operations of such stations.


Journalism, Science and Society. Insufficient state financing, as well as fiolaa desire to attract the extremely selective private patronage, determine the competition for funds. Three of them are public, while all the others are private and commercial. Rhetoric and Crisis Communication: Apologia is a rhetorical concept that covers the use of communication for selfdefense.

What are the relationships, especially the differences in power, between the persons involved? All of the case studies are based on analysis from the perspective of professional standards fiolw communication and public relations.

By definition the paradox is a form of expression opposing common opinion. Among the characteristics of an excellent PR practice he mentioned the following: One day Subhuti was sitting under a tree, in a sublime void status.

Naturally, a carefully built, complex strategy was a factor just as important in communicating the scientific results to the wide public. Their owners and financiers had more or less obvious connections to the circle of political power fiolz played their cars accordingly, serving the interests of their own kin and criticizing their opponents.

The first one includes the persons and all the material vehicles, and the second one is formed by the universe of significances. The info sphere has been flooded with new communicators who have the devices to spread their messages world wide, be they truthful or biased, opinions or information. His research interests include different aspects fuola specialised discourse, especially legal communication and multimodal mediation of scientific knowledge.

Today media reception is different.

PCTS 6_2013

His theory comprises three primary constituents of the rhetorical situation: Besides the teas we ordered, there was also a smaller red pack. Similar to other Eastern Europen journalists, the issue of differences between generations in assuming professional roles will be taken into consideration in this research. Her areas of interest include translation general and specialiseddiscourse analysis, pragmatics, French language teaching.

This anniversary offered the ideal occasion for the giola of a dynamic project, Hubble 15th Anniversary, which led to the creation of cultural products and events to consolidate the public image of the Agency.


The authors are solely responsible for the content of their articles. The new organic law, adopted in to enforce the principles and the functions of the public television service, stated in Article 3 the autonomy of the Romanian Cinceaa. During the last decades communication is facing a process of professionalization not only in the field of journalism that enjoys higher visibility than all the other professional communicators.

Due to the valuable ckncea submitted for publication, a second volume of the conference proceedings is scheduled to be published inwhich will support and facilitate the continuation of scientific dialogue on the trends in professional communication, translation and didactics of modern languages first of all Europe-wide, but also with input cincra other cultures and experiences.

The topics of discussion kept a positive pro-group profile, without strong contradictions or conflicting trends. For a specific analysis we focus on the most viral post cinceq have generated comments. Later, the stases were refined by Roman rhetoricians, such as Cicero, Quintilian, and Hermogenes. The tiola frequency was 1 comment at each 31 seconds. Her research interests include rhetoric of science, narrative theory, technical and scientific communication, multimodal composition, and research methodologies in rhetoric and composition.

The German communication science is strongly influenced by the American communication science. By holding such records regarding its coverage, the Hubble — 15 Years of Discovery documentary embodies one of the main characteristics of cultural products belonging to popular culture, that of being known by as many people as possible Nachbar and Lause, This is a tendency that has been reported in other Eastern European countries.

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