First names. Adam. Surname. Sagan. Degrees and titles. prof. dr hab. Professor in (in Polish) Katedra Analizy Rynku i Badań Marketingowych. Adam Sagan Uniwersytet Ekonomiczny w Krakowie, Katedra Analizy Rynku i Badań Marketingowych Polska. Eugeniusz Kąciak Brock University, Department of. PWE, Warszawa Sagan A () Badania marketingowe. Wydawnictwo Adam Marszałek, Toruń Wójcik P () Psychografia konsumentów (Consumers.

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Marketing Research in a Multilevel Context. The article is devoted to the specificity of marketing research in a multi-level setting.

Contemporary marketing research increasingly takes into account the hierarchical interdependencies between marketing variables that reflect the nested levels of the analysis. This type of data occurs in panel studies, in the assessment of institutional impact on the education market, health services, in cluster sampling procedures and social desirability bias in questionnaire interviews.


The article presents the specificity of research design in multilevel framework.

In particular, a conceptualization of research problem in multilevel systems with global, relational and structural variables, b development of measurement tools and evaluation of multilevel reliability of scales, c selection of complex samples and determination of the effective sample size and the design effect adxmd analysis of multi-level data and evaluation of emergent phenomena in the diagnosis of multi-level mediation and moderation effects.

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