Caro Sofri, che ‘gliene cale’ a lei se a Piazza Fontana sono esplose una .. Adriano Sofri, l’ex leader di Lotta continua, nel suo libro ‘La notte. 33 from the far right; pace of Italian justice is so slow that Adriano Sofri, bomb explosion at the Piazza Fontana in Milan that killed 16 people. Sofri, testimone di quegli Adriano Sofri una versione distorta e non confermata dai fatti degli episodi e dei personaggi della strage di Piazza Fontana .

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Adriano Sofri – Wikipedia

Despite the fact that it was established that Calabresi had not been in the room at the time of Pinelli’s death, [1] he became the target of an extensive media campaign led by the Lotta Continua newspaper piazzq the weekly L’Espresso because of his alleged involvement in Pinelli’s death.

Pier Franco marked it as to-read Jan 15, E’ gratis e lo potete scaricare da http: Views Read Edit View history.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. A lot fojtana other discrepancies in Marino’s testimony against Sofri have led many to suspect the reliability of his words, on which Sofri’s sentence exclusively relies. In the long series of trials, that spanned about two decades and that alternated acquittals with sentences of guilt, the evidence against Sofri was only the confession of pentito “collaborator of justice” Leonardo Marino, who accused Sofri of having ordered him, as chief of Lotta Continuato assassinate Calabresi, during a meeting held on a piazza after a demonstration in Pisa on 13 Mayin the name of Franco Sofgi, an anarchist who died from lack of paizza in the police station following a demonstration in the same city on May 5.

In he was acquitted by the supreme Court of Cassation for lack of evidence.


He was moved to a hospital and was considered for a pardon, but Justice Minister Roberto Castelli refused in December to grant one. Banca Nazionale dell’Agricoltura building, inside of which the terrorist bombing in Piazza Fontana was carried out on 12 December After his alibi was judged insufficient, he was held for three years in preventive detention before being sentenced for the crime.

The events that led to the death of Insp Calabresi probably began back inin the heady days of Europe-wide unrest, days of student revolt that profoundly affected Italian society. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Adriano Sofri

Inafter a number of trials, the Court of Cassation ruled that despite evidence linking Freda, Ventura, and others to the Piazza Fortana bombing, it could not be determined for certain who planned it, nor who carried it out. The European and The Indipendent have published summaries of this story. Italian justice faces another assault from pen of Dario Fo: Retrieved from ” https: The charges against them rested adriaho the testimony of a pentito “collaborator of justice”Leonardo Marino.

The tragic events of 12 December didn’t represent a loose cannon, but were the result of a subversive operation enrolled in a program subversive well settled.

Among those brought in for questioning was militant anarchist Giuseppe Pinelli. Friends of Adriano Sofri remain indignant.

43 anni by Adriano Sofri

This page was last edited on 8 Decemberat Socri 06, Frangino Lucarini rated it liked it. The former leader of the autonomist movement Lotta Continua “Continuous Struggle” in the s, he was arrested in and sentenced to 22 years of prison, having been found guilty of instigating the murder of police officer Luigi Calabresi. The same afternoon, three more bombs were detonated in Rome and Milan, and adrlano was found unexploded. Although the official version of Pinelli’s death was that he had committed suicide, many on the left were convinced that he had been pushed out the office window.


The Piazza Fontana bombing was initially attributed to anarchists. A subsequent inquiry in concurred, holding that Pinelli had fainted due to an “active illness”. In recent weeks public figures including the Green Party leader Luigi Manconi, the s student leader Daniel Cohn Bendit, the playwright Dario Fo, the historian Carlo Ginzburg, the singer Adriano Celentano and many journalists have publicly zofri their anger and incredulity about the judgment.

The most infamous of these attacks – which all curiously sovri “unresolved” – was the Bologna station bombing of August in which 85 people died. On 15 Decemberwhile in police custody Pinelli fell from a fourth floor window of the police building in Milan. Dario marked it as to-read Jul 29, Marino initially claimed that the weight of his conscience had pushed him to confess his crimes, which he allegedly had done on 19 July to the carabinieri in Amegliaa little town, before going to Milan where he allegedly described with precision the assassination of Calabresi — remaining before to general facts — to Ferdinando Pomarici, substitute of the attorney, and investigative magistrate Antonio Lombardi.


However he alleged “It seems to me certain, however, that agents of the CIA zofri among those who supplied the materials and who muddied the waters of the investigation. Members of Lotta Continua were considered to be the prime suspects. Enrico rated it really liked it Apr 07, This was also a period marked by the “strategy of tension”.

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