AIMCAT Solutions – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. AIMCAT Solutions. Uploaded by. Tamal Saamnta. Booking slot for AIMCAT has commenced. Were you able to give the exam?next non. invigilated me fool proof solution de dunga abi can’t say may be. Aimcat solutions pdf. Prospectus Download on papers from AIIMS PG Entrance examinations from year is attached.

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So practice phrasal verbs and idioms and word usage questions but also keep a sharp look out for grammatical inadequacies.

AIMCAT 1319: Discussion thread

If you have finished other sets already then you can get into the set even if it looks a little time consuming but doable. However, if you feel you are particularly weak in VA then ensure that you put in extra effort like daily reading practice, regular study of grammar from your course material and other books like wren and martin, etc.

Then read the questions first and begin skimming through. To get the complete material, you should register as a classroom student.

But the best way would be to learn by reading the newspapers. Hello Kavya, This question has been answered at various points in the chat. Because, I feel these sets are easy to solve.

I suggest you work on all the areas. It was just a bad day. Well there is only way to go from where you are, that is up! Once these are done, you will fine significant improvement in your Grammar. How much aimcah time do i need to spare before CAT and other exams to get a good score? My problem is that I get more questions wrong than I get right in verbal.


Sir i heard that just percentile is not only the criteria to get a call from IIM’s they are taking also taking accuracy into account,Is this true bcoz lesser percentile got a call from iim both are OC? Soluttions reading the article slowly and let the idea-sets in the paragraph sink in. Given that this is June and there is ample time for the exam, it is strongly recommended that you put in efforts to be good in all the chapters.

ALways approach an exam with an open mind. As you haven’t finished your basic SMs, performance can be at the lower end so don’t get depressed.

Iam able to clear the quants cutoff but I tend to get low scores in verbal. Can you make a game-plan for me telling how to prepare for VA? If calculators take 2 min. But my score in verbal was Please continue to take them. Your scores are good and I hope the performance is even in both the sections.

This way, you will gradually improve. You cannot afford to leave out difficult question or question types or topic areas in your preparation. Also, I’ve been performing relatively well in Verbal. Be relaxed when you are solving an RC. For getting call in IIMwhat percentile is required minimum? Also I have mentioned some reading sources and overall strategy for CAT Verbal at various points in the chat.


Don;t be harsh on yourself. Dear Sam, better way of learning words is by coming across them while reading passages. Triumphant Institute of Management Education Pvt.

If you are not able to comprehend well, then it may be a difficult one. You would have received V10, the Grammar book in the first lot of material. After you chill down and become calm, analyse where you went wrong and put in efforts to plug the gaps. RCs have become a nightmare for me.

Eliminate wrong answer choices by effective reading. You will need to put in much more effort this time around. Sir i am pretty weak in Quant can you give few powerfull tips to improve my quant accuracy sunil: My percentile in section 2 is 95 percentile but this is an average soljtions.

Discipline yourself, make a daily timetable or schedule and focus on all sections in the week. Study material or class handouts. Practice reading, improve your grammar and english usage skills. Should this be a reason for me to worry?

Where can one see T.I.M.E’s AIMCAT video solutions? – Quora

akmcat Sir,what are the imp areas to be concentrated for va section. The DI sets are based more on logic than sheer speed. But,then also my sec2 marks are sinking down continously. Continue the good work.

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