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Fons Vitae Sito dedicato alla Philosophia Perennis.

We will suggest that this mode of discourse was actually more common in Renais- sance Europe than scholars perhaps have realized, and that it became especially important as the century progressed, and the powers of Church and state became increasingly intent upon controlling and limiting all forms of critical discourse. Dearest father, I gather from your latest letter.

And when he grew up, we are told, he was alerto far superior to meddici companions in bodily strength and boldness of spirit that all who then lived in the rural district where our city now stands were willing and glad to be ruled by him II. In this volume, we will present evidence which points to another view of the Medici in Florence, in which their often ruthless pursuit of power and their determination to use any means necessary to maintain this power led to a climate fundamentally inimi- cal to the free expression of critical sentiments.

After consulting, among other people, Benedetto Varchi, she wrote a letter to Duchess Eleonora imploring her to intercede with her husband on her behalf.


E allora quando, e in quali forme, fu nuovamente legittimata la pratica medica nella Compagnia? Here again we see the legal system used as an instrument of social control. This he greatly hoped for, since inwardly he burned with ha- tred toward that prince for whom he wrote.

Sidney Alexander Prince- ton: As Ahl points out, the practitioners of covert criticism found an especially appreciative audience in imperial Rome, where there were constraints on free speaking.

The contrast with the proceeding aoberto is also made clear in the means by which Borgia must hold onto his power: Le Monnier,vol. Ingannati di Alberto Medici. In the hands of a founder or a defend- er of a free state they are legitimate; in the medicii of a tyrant, such as Borgia or his Medici analogs, illegitimate.


Deadline this week for: As we hope to show, Michelangelo’s intention in creating the chapel was exactly the opposite: The fact that this banker was in alberrto fact short of stature does not negate the intended allusive mockery of the portrait, but, on the contrary, merely provides the artist cover, since he can always claim that he was just attempt- ing to get an accurate likeness.

Medici: Masters of Florence (TV Series – ) | Movies/TV | Pinterest | Movies, TV Series and TVs

In Florence at that time people lived in universal discontent, both because of the newness of that government, never before seen in that city, and also because of its violence, seeing that often, for the slightest offense, harm came to now this, now that, citizen; and also because of the evil behavior of the family of the Duke, and of those soldiers who stood guard, ingamnati were truly criminal; to which one might add that Duke Alessandro behaved most dishonorably toward women, and ingannatu not forebear, so that he might vent his lust, from sacred virgins, nor from any other woman, whatever her circumstances or social status.

Northwestern University Press, Fortis, 10 mag The thing about ‘all or nothing’ though is Here we find ourselves confronted with an organ ingznnati the State whose official task is to defend public order, which in effect may be identified with the interests of the governing class whose hold on power this organ was supposed to guarantee against direct attacks in the piazza and against the covert actions of the exiles” Giovanni Antonelli, “La magistratura degli Otto di Guardia a Firenze,” Archivio Storico Italiano 1, cited in Brackett We will show that the extreme and fanatical miserliness of the Compag- nia della Lesina, symbolized by their impresa, the lesina, or awl, served for these individ- uals as a symbol of the nature of Medici rule in Florence, characterized as it was by an obsessive concentration on the accumulation of personal power and prestige at the ex- pense of concern for the welfare of the commune as a whole.


Cellini Vita, trans. Hartt rejects out of hand a political interpretation of the monument in an anti-Medicean light: Fortis, 6 gennaio Perhaps, too, he [Machiavelli] did not proceed beyond this date [] because he would not have had free rein to speak his mind on contemporary and immediate politics. Hence, the intuitions of those viewers of previous eras who claimed to discern an anti-Medicean message in the chapel, far ingannatti being simply reflections of their own political preoccupations, were actually well-founded.


Wanting nothing more than to return to a republican Florence, the fuorusciti were cast instead into the courts of Italy and beyond the Alps. Fortis, 10 dicembre Simonetta goes on to describe Vettori’s political marginaliza- tion at the hands of Cosimo, and the disillusion and resignation in which he died: It must be possible mediic imagine such behavior, because Machiavelli scholars do imagine it and accept it without a visible tremor.

Christian James Woods asked. Machiavelli called it “an appalling spectacle of horrors. His feelings, and the necessity of expressing them in a covert way, were both determined by the politi- cal climate in which the work was planned and executed.

In the first case they are unnecessary, and in the second case harmful. In this respect, he resembles the state-founder heroes described mdici the beginning of the chapter Moses, Theseus, Cyrus and Romulusall liberators of their peoples who took all appro- priate measures to maintain the forms of government they had introduced.

In both their cases, the glow or in the case of Machiavelli, shadow of their posthumous reputations has shed such a strong light as to completely obscure the more subtle, but vitally important, currents at work beneath the surface of the works for which they are best known. If one compares the instances where Machiavelli or his friends discuss the use of literary technique in his political writings with the passages in the classical rhetorical texts quoted above, it seems clear that Machiavelli had explicit knowledge of the classical rhetorical techniques of textual obfuscation.

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