Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Maria Kaneva-Johnson, in her superlative work The Melting Pot: Balkan Food and Cookery, tells us that according to Alija Lakisic’s Bosanski Kuhar (“Bosnian. Alija Lakišić holds the view that Bosnian cooking represents the culinary http://

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Surviving historical date tells us that during celebrations, weddings, gatherings and picnic all ethnic groups used the same rich and varied menu consisting of twelve to thirty different dishes. Add okra and rice, simmer for 10 minutes.

There was usually a cold storage room located in the cellar where food was kept and preserved. Using oven mitts, carefully remove from the oven. A similar meal pattern can be defined for most of Bosnia and Herzegovina, regardless of ethnicity.

And I shall come. Rahat lokum All Bosnia seem to love rahatluk. Please enter recipient e-mail address es. There is always something to drink, such as mineral water, pop, beer, or wine. While the sweet is still hot it should be covered up and left to stand overnight. Roll or press out to a 1-inch thickness, and place 2 on each baking sheet. Some might go home from 13 to 3 p.

At that time, feasts in Sarajevo and other larger towns in Bosnia always had at least twelve courses not counting minor ones served in between, which, if included, would bring the number of courses up to eighteen. Some features of WorldCat will not be available. Top with the remaining 3 sheets, spraying or brushing each layer, including the top one.

When the top turns a cream colour you are ready to pour. Bosnian Cook Bosnia’s cuisine with its special dishes satisfying to even the most exacting palate, concocted with as much inventiveness as the stories of the Arabian Nights. Wash the grape leaves and cook them in boiling salted water with the vinegar.


Refrigerate for up to 1 week. Place them one on top of the other and spread the filling along one side of the pastry. Once the bread and pastries were baked the fire in the bakery hearth was kept burning so that other dishes could be cooked on this low heat. Stew again with the addition of lemon juice and a little more salt.

Around the World – in favorite recipes: Ethnic (Bosnian) Offal Recipe (Bumbar / Širden)

Bosnian recipes So here are several recipes that show materials and give directions for preparing certain specific Bosnia-Herzegovinian dishes. In Travnik the fine dough crumbs are obtained by forcing the dough through a sieve. These distinctions are highly variable. Bosnian traditional cuisine has certain distinguishing characteristics.

Alija Lakisic – Bosanski Kuhar – Documents

Finally, the baklava is cut into diamond- shaped pieces and baked in the oven, first moderate, then hotter, and lastly turned down again. To serve, take the pot to the table and place on a trivet. Towards the end add the juice of one lemon.

Sprinkle filling on bottom layer. Let yolks solidify, for about minutes.

While the pastry is in the ovenmake a thick syrup out of 1 litre of water and the sugarlater adding lemon juice and vanilla. She agreed to let me interview her and it was by far the highlight of my time in Sarajevo. The dishes were laid out on plates on the hearth, for which only wood or charcoal was used, so that they kept continually alja and the customer could choose which dish he wanted and in what quantity.

Bosanski kuhar : tradicionalno kulinarstvo u Bosni i Hercegovini

Turn out onto a clean work surface and knead by hand for 2 to 3 minutes longer. Sunday dinner is eaten in early afternoon, and it is usually larger than those during the week.

Using oven mitts, remove foil and lid in front of the guests, releasing all the appetizing aromas. Grilled meats are a staple of Bosnian cuisine. In cities, few women know how to make maslenjak anymore, or, because they work, they do have time to make it. Bosnian cuisine contains an abundance of vegetables, meat, fruit, milk and dairy products; t he dishes are not made with a browned-flour base rouxand strong or hot spices are not used.


When they get home after a day at work, they attempt to make a quick meal, the main one of the day for them — soup, fish or meat, a starch, and bread — or they reheat one-dish meals made the evening before.

It might begin with soup followed by an entree or two: Bosnian love song – sevdalinka. The uppermost sheet in some places called duhak which means a bridal veil must be thin and unblemished so that when baked the sweetmeat looks as attractive as possible. Serve this dish with rice for a midday or evening meal. Cover with lightly oiled plastic and damp kitchen towel and let rise in a warm spot for 30 minutes while you heat the oven. Make me a cup of coffeedear. When spices are used, only very small amounts are added to the food so that the taste of meat is not diminished.

The pastry sheets are then placed on a greased round baking tin alternately with the filling and sprinkled with melted butter, until all the pastry has been used up. They are eaten in most homes and found on both everyday and ceremonial tables. Bosniaks are especially known for theirs. Add this mixture to the syrup slowlystirring all the time. After all the syrup has soaked in, carefully remove all the pieces of “pita” and arrange on a serving dish.

Don’t have an account? Now evenly spread the meat mixture over this. Add meat and stir-fry briefly over high heat. Banja Luka is a town is central Bosnia.

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