Stasiland by Anna Funder is a book about individuals who resisted the East German regime, and others who worked for its secret police, the Stasi. Funder’s Stasiland tells stories of people who heroically resisted the communist dictatorship of East Germany, and of people who. Stasiland: Stories from Behind the Berlin Wall [Anna Funder] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. ‚ÄúStasiland demonstrates that great.

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Retrieved 13 August I wish she had gone on to write more about life in East Germany.

A classic for sure. I learned a LOT about what it was like to live in the DRG and at times had to shake my head laughing at the sheer pettiness of the Stasi police.

Stasiland: Stories from Behind the Berlin Wall

Views Read Edit View history. It’s an incredible book.

Ma riesce a definire abbastanza bene il quadro storico, a restituire bene le sensazioni dell’epoca e The 1,year Reich lasted 12 years, the GDR Jan 25, Joey rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Funder places an add in a paper looking for those willing to speak with her, and it’s not long before funfer phone starts ringing off the hook.

There fundwr a conflict – do we go on and just forget the past and get on with the new, or fundeg we dredge through it and expose exactly what occurred? But then her husband too was imprisoned and tortured. Sometimes I think it’s because people operate on this level where they are going to be that filthy rich person some day and they are protecting their future interests.


Funder is at her best when describing how people like Miriam are stuck in limbo due to their brutal treatment at the hands of the Stasi. Retrieved 9 November One was never confused. Anna Funder’s writing has received numerous accolades and awards. While it was clear many of them on the Stasi side had leaned nothing and Anna along with all of us was dismayed she never judged.

Qui una canzone dei Klaus Renft Combo http: I may as well ask why some kids have rebellions and some don’t. It tells the story of the Eastern side of Berlin when the wall was up, and the way people’s lives were controlled, manipulated, and destroyed. View all 18 comments.

Stasiland – Wikipedia

The methods of gaining information out of those who were accused of going against the GDR was truly shocking. She writes remarkably well. My mom “treated” me to a long speech like their techniques to gunder liars would actually work and then forced reasons to try them on absolutely everyone and kept calling me a liar for stupid things.

Anna Funder’s participatory journalism brings the ghosts of this bizarre surveillance state out to tell their own story in the vivid Stasilandwhich manages to be intriguing while shasiland, morbidly fascinating. Chris Mitchell of Spike Magazine called it “an essential insight into the totalitarian regime”.

Stasiland : Stories From Behind The Berlin Wall

Views Read Edit View history. I’m trying to read Goldfinch but all I can think about is Stasiland. Archived from the original on 4 November There is a kind of enigmatic Home-For-The-Holidays feel here, but only if the holiday in question is another workday, and the home is Orwell’s I would have been satisfied if it were dry and factual. Anna Funder trained as an international and human rights lawyer, interests which syasiland continues to pursue in her professional and public life as a writer.


But that’s not really it, is it? Through the Stasi it pried into every aspect of your life.

I was also more doubtful about the inevitable heroics of the Leipzig demonstrators. The Australian Anna Funder was working in television in Berlin in the mids when she became interested in the Stasi – the former East German ministry of state security.

And one of the most heart felt accounts was of Frau Paul, a woman who’s baby lies in a West Berlin hospital, now out of reach sasiland of the blasted wall going up. Young Julia had an Italian boyfriend who caught the eye of the secret police, observing her every move, and blocking her career.

If you’ve stasilans nothing to fear, right? The Stasi possessed much larger forces than the Gestapo, but they were not its equals in terror. I was worried that the book would not hold together; it would consist of separate interviews with disparate individuals.

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