AR /OPNAVINST A/MCO Joint Regulation Governing the Use and Application of Uniform Source Maintenance. AR –82/SECNAVINST /AFMAN 21– This regulation contains internal control provisions in accordance with AR 11–2 and identifies key internal . AR JOINT REGULATION GOVERNING THE USE AND APPLICATION OF UNIFORM SOURCE MAINTENANCE AND RECOVERABILITY CODES.

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These are the same type of items evaluated in the development of an SMR code during acquisition. Consumable or expendable item A non-repairable item or repair part, which can be discarded more economically than it can be repaired or which is consumed in use. Use third positionpage D Support items that are removed, replaced, or used at depot only: Item is removed, replaced, or used at contractor facility. F Support item is removed, replaced, or used at the following intermediate activities: Proponent and exception authority.

Army Publishing Directorate

Indicates an inter-Service depot non-consumable item that is, by the USN maintenance plan, repairable by third degree engine maintenance activity. T PD source coded item which has peculiar application to training devices.

Service Option Codes, page P series source codes. Policy, Implementation, and Format. Required and related publications and prescribed and referenced forms are listed in appendix A.

End item and support item, terminal or obsolete and replaced. Recoverability codes, page Uniform Source Codes, page 8.


Maintenance planning A concise description of a strategy for achieving, maintaining, and restoring the operational capability of zr weapon system and equipment. These are demilitarization codes used in accordance with DOD Wr Field level repairable item. A two position code assigned to support items and end items to indicate the specific maintenance activities authorized to perform the required maintenance functions or tasks.

Army programs will use a Code C in the 3rd position to denote crew or operator maintenance performed within ground field maintenance.

Does a current standard operating procedure exist for the use of SMR codes? Service option codes entered in the sixth position of the uniform SMR format are listed at table F—1 and table F—2. M series source codes. Condemnation and disposal not authorized below depot level.

Q Strategic list items, mutilate to preclude normal use, outside of the continental U. Recoverable, condemn at intermediate activity. The plan is the basis on which all elements of logistics are provided.

A one position code assigned to end items and support items to indicate the recoverability intention and the LOM activity authorized disposition action on unserviceable support items, and for repairables, it is used to indicate the maintenance activity responsible for repair or condemnation and disposition of the item.

AF Item to be assembled at intermediate maintenance activity. Authorized maintenance that can restore an item to operating condition ready for use from one or more, but not all of its identified failure modes at one LOM activity, but requires progressively higher LOM activities until the highest level alone can restore the item to operating condition from any and all identified failure modes.


Source codes entered in the first and second positions of the uniform SMR code format. Repair should be performed at the designated specialized repair activity. Logistics wholesale and retail systems will be designed to employ these codes, as appropriate. It is not intended to cover all controls. Army internal control process.

MF Item to be manufactured or fabricated at intermediate maintenance activity. Usually refers to first outfitting of a ship, unit, or system. Uniform source, maintenance, and recoverability code format, page 8 Table C—1: Positions 1 and 2.

When uneconomically repairable, condemn and dispose at either afloat or ashore intermediate levels USN use only. P series source codes P series source coded items are items that are centrally procured see table C—1. Af principal and mandatory schedule for using the checklist is to be prescribed by each Service and PA in their annually updated internal control plan.

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