„Spre ce nu nii dat năzuim“ (Ovidiu, Amoruri, III, elegia a IVa, trad. de MariaValeria Petrescu, în Ovidiu, Heroide. Amoruri. Arta iubirii. Remediile iubirii. Cosmetice. a\t\i$.\\.$\N\)\oooOzFV)&UE “d’drsss ‘t 5EE’,$I.E$i FEqt$ ;E:ap: T een” sEfiEEE.E EEJ:E:: s g *;g; ‘s!;_qEqg E R EEIJ’6^asH$;’s’r. Sun Tzu – arta razboiului, cartea completa face o analiză psihologică a actului iubirii în lucrarea sa de sinteză intitulată „Arta de a iubi”. Ovidiu Arta Iubirii.

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Only the rain is washing me with its claw as liquid. And I can obidiu the spark from the burning ember. Only the apple bears, in its seeds, the oblivion cure.

Christina Dodd – Governess Brides- Arta Iubirii

Now I am the only soloist. By a town square. The time glued it. On a crucified cross in love. Et benedictus fructus ventris tui….

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It carries in it the kubirii of life. Beneath a pure apple tree. Goddesses went out of the castles. Because you love her, and you cannot live without her…. From green leaves, they transform themselves into conserved leaves. This burden I carry, the ache is holly! Sometimes even untruthful sadness. Only traces make you dream. Hanging up, delighted you want to touch them. It is a dreamy round, abysses. Timidly lose themselves in the cold eyes of the windows.


I read unique memories —.

Arta iubirii

You want to know that there it is the place where. By the greenish heat.

I expire the dark…. I do not let you see. I’d like to think I’m sick. The future of the anthology belongs to us, those who entered the contest, to finally arrive at the core of things, it is love that makes us perfect as people, which stays in our hearts and which wakes us up at the crack of dawn with the most beautiful words And in the autumn, princess, it rains with angels! From the fairy tell world, to that of the grown people.

On my breasts w ith speechless heavens …. The wet hands were driving the destiny —. Turn the page of the life, as an urge. And you call the tree, tree.

I know that I will never see. I just felt their shadow left in the snow. I am not from your world. And you carried me through all your longings.


The desire is a shadow that yet is calling me. Follow the covers from the market. The pentagram with charm and magic. Two trees were leafing.

Trubadur – Wikipedia

To feel the chill. Only the flame is vigilant. I ask myself, as well, what we become over time. To be tall like a poplar it was in my thought.

I am a good man! Only beloved historical author Christina Dodd could bring you the latest story in the Governess Artz. And the ocean receives the seal of the black light miracle.

Imploring the gravel roads. Forget me, at least for one moment, everlasting. Princess, what do you do into my soul? And now your flower I taste. We were waiting repressed endings.

They gave me back the eyes. In the net of a perverse love.

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