For many decades, the principals and senior management of LPI have been providing specialist lightning protection advice to customers in some of the most. Visit our website and learn more about AS/NZS standards. You may require this Standard if you are an electricity network operator or electrical contractor and intend to: design; construct; commission.

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As a result, people may be injured in the panic to evacuate the building.

The object of this Section is to give a procedure for evaluation of the risk to a structure, people and installations or equipment in, on or connected to the structure. If surrounded by trees, seek a position outside the foliage and crouch, keeping the feet together.

Where doubt exists aw to the need for lightning protection, further advice should be sought from a lightning protection designer or installer.

This Standard is intended to provide authoritative guidance on the principles and practices of lightning protection for a wide range of structures and systems.

This front page presents all of the inputs and final calculation outputs required in the risk management process.

Hence, lightning strikes to the ground anywhere on this metallic network may cause shocks elsewhere.

AS / NZS Lightning Protection

Also referred to as acceptable risk, being the maximum value of risk acceptable based on community expectations. Measures for the protection of persons, which should be incorporated in LPSs for buildings and structures, are outlined in other sections. 7168 3 provides advice on the protection of persons from lightning, mainly relating to the behaviour of persons when not inside substantial buildings.

Do not stay in 11768 vehicles such as tractors, beach buggies, or any other type of open or enclosed vehicle without a metallic roof. These rules are the first step in the process of the design of a nxs LPS. Do not stand on or under bridges or other elevated structures. For a more comprehensive treatment of the subject covered by this Clause—see Paragraph G2, Ref.

Where specific information is known regarding the function or use of a particular structure, alternative damage factor values may be selected based on these relations. A decision to provide lightning protection may be taken regardless of the outcome of any risk assessment, for example, where there is a desire that there be no avoidable risk.


Indoor and outdoor pools are treated the same with regard to lightning dangers. In the risk management approach, the lightning threats that create risk are identified, the frequencies of all risk events are estimated, the consequences of the risk events are determined, and if these are above ax tolerable level of risk, protection measures are applied to reduce the risk R to below the tolerable level Ra.

This may involve the application ae industry specific Standards. Technical considerations include addressing the highest risk components while economic jzs involve minimizing the total cost to achieve a suitable level of protection. The worst situation would arise when a person is struck on the head, in which case the current through the body could cause fatal injuries to the brain, the heart and the lungs. The following swimming pool safety procedures are recommended: This Standard was issued in draft form for comment as DR Neurological and cardiac injuries also are different, and follow different courses.

In such a case the tolerable risk, R a for loss of economic value would be set at 10 Contact Email, Phone and Address Details for this service in simple two column table format, header then data.

Exit the water and move to a safe place. Suitable application of surge protection requires correct installation, earthing and coordination of appropriately rated SPDs. Do not lie on the ground as 176 could cause dangerous voltage to develop across the body by 178 currents generated by a nearby strike.

Thus a risk of 10 -3 represents a chance of 1 in of ws loss occurring during a year.

AS / NZS 1768 Lightning Protection – Australian Government

Section 2 provides guidance to assist in this decision. The TP for incoming services includes the use of isolation devices, the shielding of cables and the installation and coordination of SPDs. It is not intended for mandatory application but, if called up in a contractual situation, compliance with this Standard requires compliance with all relevant clauses of the Standard such that the level of protection will be sufficient to achieve a tolerable ss of risk as determined by the risk calculation.


Other work sheets showing the calculated values of all of the individual risk components for each type of risk are also accessible if a more in depth analysis is required. Lightning strikes to a person, or close by, may cause death or serious injury.

It aa also be noted that the usual neurological criteria for death may be unreliable in this situation. The following are represented on Committee EL Conductive electrical service lines include electricity supply service lines underground or overhead and telecommunications service lines. Lightning can cause damage to all or part of a structure or to the contents of a structure, especially to electrical and electronic systems.

Consequential effects of lightning damage may extend to the surroundings of a structure. What legislation specifies this requirement?

AS1768-2007 – Lightning Protection

A receding local thunderstorm is no longer a threat when more than 30 min have elapsed after the last thunder is heard. In jzs case, the structure does not require any specific protection against direct lightning strikes or against overvoltages due to nearby strikes or transmitted through the incoming conductive electrical service lines.

Some inputs require numerical values e. Until about ten years ago, risk assessment was used to determine if there was a need to provide lightning protection. Lightning strike victims are sometimes thrown violently against an object, or are hit by flying fragments of a shattered tree, so first aid treatment may have to include treatment for traumatic injury. An approaching thunderstorm is treated as local when the time interval between seeing a lightning flash and hearing the thunder is less than 30 s and then the appropriate safety measures described in Clause 3.

Please fill this form, we will try to respond nss soon as possible. The term refers exclusively to the danger arising from ignition. The damage may be limited to a part of the structure or may extend to the whole structure. This should be done before the storm is local to minimize risk of personal injury.

Last modified: January 13, 2021