Architetture e linee di evoluzione by Fraternali Piero at Paolo Atzeni; Stefano Ceri; Piero Fraternali; Stefano Paraboschi; Riccardo Torlone. for, by download PDF Basi Di Dati Architetture E Linee Di Evoluzione book you are also motivated to search from other sources. Basi Di Dati. Scuola, Scuola di Ingegneria Industriale e dell’Informazione R. Torlone, Basi di dati: Architetture e linee di evoluzione, Editore: McGraw-Hill Italia, Anno P. Atzeni, S. Ceri, S. Paraboschi, R. Torlone, Database systems, Editore: McGraw Hill.

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Why transactional systems are relevant. Examples of transactional systems: Histories or schedulesserializability, various notions of equivalence, complexity of testing. Deadlock analysis and resolution.

Implementation of locking in commercial systems. Implementation of reliability control in commercial systems. Commit protocols, theory of two-phase-commit, presumed-abort and read-only optimisations, non-blocking protocols 3 and 4 phase commit protocols. Implementation of commit protocols with heterogeneous DB servers in the X-open standard.


Client-server applications two and three tiers. Notion of fragmentation, allocation, transparent access. Parallelism in database servers. Shared-memory vs shared-nothing approaches. Evoulzione, speed-up, benchmarking of performance. Synchronous vs asynchronous methods. Symmetric vs primary-secondary approaches.

Books by Paolo Atzeni

Implementation of replication servers. Internal structure of a database server.

Data organisations according to the sequential, direct, and indexed data structures. Database administration in commercial systems. Hints to physical database design ci selection, primary storage method selection.

XML as a data modeling paradigm. Native vs relational storage.

Read tub/basi-di-dati-architetture-e-linee-di-evoluzione

Query languages for XML. Execution methods for active databases. Trigger languages and systems: Formal properties of active rule sets. Termination, confluence, observable determinism. Design of active rules for integrity maintenance.

Evolutions of database technology: Integration with Semantic Web technology. General database textbook, for students who are not able to read the textbook in Italian. Many other textbooks can be used. Insegnamento erogato in lingua Inglese. Scuola di Ingegneria Industriale e dell’Informazione. Ing Ind – Inf Mag. TorloneBasi di dati: Architetture e linee di evoluzioneEditore: McGraw-Hill Italia, Anno edizione: TorloneDatabase systemsEditore: McGraw Hill, Anno edizione: English version of an older edition of the Italian textbook.


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