AutoFS provides automounting of removable media or network shares when they are Removable media; NFS network mounts. Configure a basic automount function on your network file system with autofs. Automount mini−Howto. Rahul Sundaram, [email protected] v, −12− This file describes the autofs automounter, how to configure it, and .

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Make sure it works In order to access the share and verify that it is working properly, enter the following into a shell: Before we start the configuration of Autofs we have to install required packages. This preference is only checked if there are more version 3 servers than version 2 servers.

Unless you have a good reason for changing this, leave it as the default. The numbers in parentheses indicate a weighting. As applications and other file systems that users require change their location, the maps must reflect those changes.

Failover was first implemented in the Solaris auotmount. The mount-point entry in auto. Figure How Autofs Uses the Name Service The screen activity for this session would look like the following example. In an autofs mount, the colon: After consulting the included map, if no match is found, automount continues scanning the current map.

Whichever protocol is supported on the most servers becomes the protocol supported qutofs default. In an environment with NFS file servers, such a configuration can be useful. You have a functioning NFS mount via autofs! Partners Support Community Ubuntu.

Autofs – Community Help Wiki

Which server you mount them autifs does not matter, as long as the server is running and exporting its file aitomount. Figure Navigation Through the Master Map Autofs Mount Process What the autofs service does when a mount request is triggered depends on how the automounter maps are configured. Servers on the local subnet are given preference over servers on a remote subnet. This name service switch file contains an entry for autofs labeled as automountwhich contains the order in which the name services are searched.


The automountd daemon locates the directory, mounts it within autofs, and replies. Refer the Output below.

Executable Autofs Maps You can create an autofs map that will execute some commands to generate the autofs mount points. If version 3 servers are more abundant, the sorting process becomes more complex. Autofs sends a message to the automountd for the requested file system to be mounted. Autofs selects the nearest interface to the client. The only way to clear this problem is to have the automounter unmount all of the components in the hierarchy, either by waiting for the file systems to be automatically unmounted or by rebooting the system.

You can modify, delete, or add entries to maps to meet the needs of your environment.

How Autofs Works

This is good to keep in mind, as it could save you time diagnosing an autofs problem that isn’t really there. Under these circumstances running the following command:. The failure to reinstall the trigger notes leaves no access to the next level of howt.

You can modify autofs maps at any time. If the -soft option is used, requests to reinstall the trigger nodes can time out. You can use variables anywhere in an entry line except as a key.


Here you can mount the man pages from the servers oakroseor willow. In servers with multiple network interfaces, list the automunt name associated with each network interface as if it were a separate server. Which server is best depends on a number of factors including: The mount process is generally the same for all mounts, but the final autof changes with the mount point specified and the complexity of the maps.

Mounting Other Types of Files Systems 6. These points are also known as trigger nodes.

1. Introduction

Autofs allows the intercepted request to proceed. Automunt we can see above we have two NFS exports i. Autofs and Weighting You can influence the selection of servers at the same proximity level by adding a weighting value to the autofs map. If NIS is selected and autofs cannot find a map that it needs, but finds a map name that contains autmount or more underscores, the underscores are changed to dots, which allows the old NIS file names to work.

You can also use variables see autofs 5 man page to substitute users and other parameters to be able to create generic file for multiple users.

Autofs is a client-side service that automatically mounts the appropriate file system. Auto-mount or auto-mounting refers to the process of automatically mounting filesystems.

Last modified: April 20, 2020