BADFELLAS is the fourth book by Tonino Benacquista to be translated into English and all four have been published by Bitter Lemon Press. Malavita has ratings and reviews. Jim said: An unusual story: basically an American Mafia family story set in France in a small rural town in N. Violent, pacy and saturated with black humour, Benacquista’s story explores what Badfellas. Front Cover. Tonino Benacquista. Bitter Lemon Press,

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After so much time living in another land, you adapt. Une famille apparemment comme les autres, en somme.

Other books in the series. Thankful for the adaptation of this into a movie. I identified myself in their situations many, many times including getting picked on, and the idolized.

You couldn’t even write down the things you say! Nov 20, Manny rated it really liked it Shelves: Meanwhile, Maggie tries to stay on the good side of the FBI, and also gets involved in some local activities.

Sentir todos os dias medo de ser descoberto. Sep 08, Lisa rated it really liked it. If you’re looking for a typical crime fiction novel, I wouldn’t start with this one, but the book is actually quite good overall — more of a fun read than a serious crime read.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Return to Book Page. For several years the Blakes — as the family is now called — have lived in France, and the novel opens with them relocating to the quiet Normandy town of Cholong-sur-Avre. Sep 20, Kelsie Beaudoin The Bookworm rated it it was ok. Maggie, who prides herself on the efforts she’s made to learn French language and culture, is hurt. He asks mechanically how their day’s been. Or so it seems.

There’s Fred, the head of the clan, Maggie his wife, and toniino teenagers, Belle and Warren. On the other hand if you see the film first, be prepared for quite a bit of extra detail in the book for a slightly different though equally enjoyable story line. However, As much as I liked this book, I did have a couple of niggling and minor issues with it.


I recommend the book to all those that love a well-written work, those who want to learn good French, expats in France that want a laugh, and in general, everyone who loves a good Mafia book that doesn’t pull the heartstrings too much.

Review – Badfellas by Tonino Benacquista

Mais il manque un peu benacquisga fond pour en faire plus qu’un bon divertissement. And finally, as one cover blurb notes: Fred looks at them. Eux qui ont connu la Mafia, la Cosa Nostra et qui se retrouvent dans un bled normand.

To view it, click here. Cholong-sur-Avre in Normandy is the setting of this rather unconventional and darkly humorous tale.

Badfellas – Tonino Benacquista – Google Books

Pois neste livro encontram todos os ingredientes. The story deteriorates into a Keystone Cops type plot as the main character and the FBI guys go through town killing the would-be assassins.

Fred also takes this opportunity to try to start writing benwcquista memoirs — despite the fact that, as his wife reminds him: He had dropped the criminal side of Mafia behavior and had just retained their way of getting things done.

Still, he never seems to get an entirely comfortable handle on the story as a whole, which feels a bit puffed and misshapen. Both are highly recommended. As an expat living in France, I laughed at many of the anecdote. Giovanni is now Frederick — Fred. Gostei de ler este livro. Trying to meet all your book preview and review needs. A two million dollar bounty is put on Fred’s head and so, the family soon find themselves unsafe in the States.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Also, as someone who has lived in New Jersey I found all the references to Newark and other parts tonin New Jersey with the mafia st I am thankful for the existence of this book because I love the movie it is based on. This is harder to do than one would think, and when, through a bizarre chain of events, Don Mimino figures out where they are living, it sets off a chain of events that leads to Mafia mayhem at its finest.


The high-school aged son wants to be just like benacqiista father but without he violence. Ben really serves no purpose in the story. So, a fun read, but what saved the novel for me is the well-developed portrayal of the individual characters of the four members of the family.

This piece of Benacquista noir succeeds so well due to him getting that balance of black humour and vicious crime bebacquista right. He’s on the football team and is keen on her The occasional digression — the words that lead the Mob to the small town, and the long voyage those words go on, or the summoning and then use of Ben, Fred’s nephew and the one family member who managed to avoid getting caught up in the post-trial fall-out — are reasonably amusing, but feel a bit tangential.

There’s also a great scene where by mistake a local cinema club gets sent the Scorsese film Goodfellas instead of the scheduled program of Some Came Running, the story of a WWII veteran who returns home.

The Blakes have been living in France for six years now and the reason why soon becomes clear. I felt like all the characters were better developed in the movie. I think it deserves bwdfellas 3.

Tonino Benacquista

The longing for something you can’t have fades away, especially if you have your entire family with you. At morning recess, the tough gang beat him up and take his lunch money. Jul 19, Claude rated it liked it Shelves: Lists with This Book.

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