PSP Homebrew Application – Bookr v The only PDF reader for PSP for both + to + Kernels All the hard work goes to ccm Download Bookr for free. A document reader for the Sony PSP with native PDF rendering. A book reader for the Vita. Still a work in progress – pathway27/bookr-mod-vita.

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Signed Homebrews for OFW. Show 40 post s from this thread on one page Page 1 of 15 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: The homebrew is multilanguage: BETA 3 packs many, many changes from a talented crew of developers. Up to 5 x 5 x 4 colored cubes to keep you busy. JellyCar features soft body physics for all of the objects in the world.

Also your car can transform for a limited time to aid progression through the level. Package includes the required Windows driver, PSP binary, source code, etc Rain powerful ordnance on the enemy as you strive to complete missions involving tank busting, close air support and aerial defense. The latest update of the excellent music app has added some new features, new languages, more fixes and various other improvements.

It includes a cache system so you can browse later the maps you have previously seen, even if you don’t have WiFi available. Technically, PSP-Maps connects directly to the servers to fetch the images, it does not use the provided APIs since there are usually in JavaScript and not convenient for a homebrew. In this update he has added 7 new levels, increased the loading speed doubled! This puts the keyboard into numbers mode. This shows Boot Menu. This latest version finally adds configurable controls and lets players save their play statistics.

It is based on the rules of a very famous collectible card game. As you win battles, you earn credits that you can spend in the Shop to buy more cards and improve your deck. Wagic now supports more than unique cards, cards total, including the new set MBS thanks go especially to Zethfox, Dr. As an aspiring Mage Master, your mission is to collect and train a party of up to 6 low level mages and eventually win the Sushi Island Tournament.

You start with one of 29 Mage Apprentices and through battles of skill and strength, you can upgrade their experience points, gradually growing stronger and stronger mages until you are ready to enter the tournament for the top prize of the Sushi Cup. It will appear to run from 1. The objective is to make your opponents crash into the solid trails your light cycle leaves behind. Light Cycle 3D lets you choose from a variety of different skins and change the speed settings and enemy numbers to make the game more or less difficult.

You can even customize the color of your light cycle’s hull, window, rims, top, and chassis. Like a computer, works with a fully functional window system to minimize, and even resize and maximize the windows. It uses a highly optimized system for the PSP, making it capable of operating with a large number of open windows. To stream music, read text files, view images, and download homebrew with downPSP – mini, all at the same time in different windows. If you own a PSP slim, the program automatically will use the extra memory.


Move the cursor or mouse.

Free 4 You: PSP Homebrew/Plugins/Emulator Section.

Scroll through a list or text box, zoom in image viewer. Drag windows from anywhere not just from the bar. In the text file reader, change alignment left, center, right. Holding, made a screen with an animated effect. It then shows the capture made in the image viewer. Floppy disk patch, user guide, FAQ, and other documentation included.

Requires select files from the original CD or floppy disks. This game is a legend, and you can play the shareware version for free on your PSP.

DSP is a Tower Defense game — setup your towers and defend against the approaching enemy waves. This game is based on John Conway’s “cellular automaton” Game of Life.

The game contains the option to load game, it also contains a level editor and creator of levels. The game contains 19 levels, the author promises more for the future, but meanwhile you can create your own levels and start playing them, the game will be saved only when passing the levels progress so do not worry about losing.

You must also have well seen that the guards can keep the gold and you have cause to fall in a hole to release the gold. Go up the stairs. Walk to the right. Open holes in the ground to the left.

Open holes in the ground to the right.

Ported by Deniska and later updated by Chilly Willy. Ported from Marat Fayzullin’s ColEm. Resonate is a fast paced undersea rail shooter. Your goal is to evolve into a thresher shark and become king of the ocean. On normal difficulty the player starts as a Sea Urchin level 2. Hit the blue striped targets to collect bookkr up. Collect eight and move up a level to Sea Horse level 3. Miss a target that collides with you and move down to Zooplankton level 1.

If you’re hit too many times, the adventure ends and you need to try again.

PSPMancala is the “Awari” variant, and even though the rule of this game is simple, the complexity can be compared to a game of Chess. The AI level has also been increased. If you get cornered with low firepower can be a big problem. Will attempt to completely encircle and then eat you. Have a powerful fireball attack that can quickly end your life.

How To Read Pdf Files On Psp

Takes some Heavy FirePower to kill these suckers. As you gain Kills, A number in the Top right of the screen will Rise.

This is your Combo Counter, and it will go down unless you keep killing more zombies faster. As the Combo counter reaches higher Numbers, you will Unlock weapons, and upgrades for those weapons. If you are behind a router you will have to use port forwarding the port used by PSPlorer is configurable in the config file PSPlorer.

To do this just create a text file with the translations corresponding line by line with english. I won’t accept any responsabilities in case you brick your PSP.


If you are behind a router you will have to use port forwardinf the port used by PSPlorer is configurable in the config file PSPlorer. Canyon Bomber Portable version 1. Unlike the original version, this handheld clone of the game places you in a timed challenge to destroy as many blocks before the timer runs out.

You are awarded time ticks, a bomb, and a speed increase for every points you get. Also, be careful not to waste your bombs on the green canyon terrain. They’re all quite similar to each other as they have the same design and idea: The player controls a space ship fitted with different weapons and enhanced energy shields.

Money is earned by destroying enemies and grabbing bonuses, which is then used to purchase upgrades such as weapons, shields, energy generators, and different ships from interlevel menus.

The game is fast paced and presents a variety of enemies and bosses. Thing-Thing is an original game developed by Weasel of Diseased Productions. It’s action-packed and full of violence. Of the available SNES emulators, this one has the least amount of frameskip when running games at full speed. It is the most frequently updated and has the most available options. The goal of Pictogrid is to match the playing grid with the image above. There is a total of 20 levels in the game. The object of the game is to clear an abstract minefield without detonating a mine.

A text editor with IR keyboard support. This package is intended for Official firmwares. Some scientists have created a new technology: One day they loose control of this weapon which starts suddenly to eradicate all traces of living organism.

The only survivors are those who exile themselves in space. In SquareForce you will be a human who just passed the SquareShip’s pilote exam to enter the SquareForce which is a company of mercenaries which tries to prepare to the inevitable incoming war.

A SquareShip is a spaceship constituted of SquareTiles. The biggest property of these SquareTiles is that you can built a SquareShip of any form from them.

Each SquareTile in the game have a special type hull, engine, gun, missile launcher or mine launcher and special properties. You will be able to travel in a huge universe composed of tones of sectors with bases, cruisers and ships which will be police patroles, pirates or more freackly troops of the SquareMaster.

Draw your own pictures pixel art and save them to memory. You are one of the last humans on earth and you must protect the last of your people from peril. The goal is to last as long as you can. So far, the app only comes with the coin toss and dice roll options but the developer plans to add a magic 8 ball and rigged coin modes in future releases.

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