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It has also been misinterpreted as only a strike when it can be used as a pressure or impact attack see example. I would like to offer words of caution to those of you who are considering using Shime Waza in your curriculum.

This is followed by Hidari Tetsui Uchi to the head if possible which will further disorientate the attacker. Others are muscle and joint manipulation techniques.

The chin is dropped to lock the points around the neck, but this also doubles as a head-butt. In this next Kata sequence, the attack comes in the form of a shoulder grab in an attempt to turn the ‘defender’ on to a punch.

The Japanese Shogunate imposed further laws to completely eliminate the practice and deployment of the original Okinawan fighting systems. A generic understanding of the fighting arts will be required to make this effective. If you can’t, maybe you should consider cookery instead!

Bushi-jutsu: The Science of the Warrior – PDF Free Download

Followed by a stepping punch to the head Oi-Zuki Jodan. If you think that you can reliably thw a target a half inch in diameter whilst your opponent is dumping adrenaline into buhi-jutsu system and trying to rip your head off, then you live in cloud cuckoo land.

Hook 65 Bushi-Jutsu Common B. Also, within many Kata, is the representation of opposites – expressed by the repetition of techniques block or strike. The right of Andy Paskin and Darren Westwood to be identified as the authors of this work has been asserted in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act of Obviously, we will be concerning ourselves only with the involuntary responses which pertain to interpretation and application of Kata.


The following images show the contact of a combat punch wargior pads.

Spread 1 Spread 2 Use everything at your disposal If a handy house-brick is nearby, it can make a formidable weapon. Within the Kata itself, would you really stay on-line and expend energy to ‘block’ an attack? These are the deepest secrets Gokui hidden inside the posture busni-jutsu technique of the kata and conveyed from master to student. The distressing reality, for most kata bunkai students, is that there is very little ‘real’ application in the world today, outside Japan.

It is NOT about being pretty and looking good. There are, however, certain advantages to having been exposed to aggression in real-life situations.

Bushi-jutsu: The Science of the Warrior

As for multiple attackers – the best defence is to run away The common factor of these two martial arts is that they are both Do warrlor the most simplistic form and that which has been watered sciece from the original, Jutsu — the Science. The effect of this upon the development of Karate at this time had a profound consequence. To finalise, the unification of both the Inner and Outer doctrines is an intensely idealistic, though comparatively indistinct, axiom, known, in Japanese, as Shuhari.

This is scjence human behaviour. However, 34 Uchinadi Pinan Shodan when these techniques were developed, mercy was in short supply as the originators were fighting for their lives. I have deduced many interesting facts from my studies – none more so than the fact that the invariability I mention above I now call ‘Scripted Human Behaviour’ – or SHB.

For our students who are a constant source of wonder. Within Kakushi Waza, we have attempted to show the reality of Bunkai — that which the Kata was created to communicate and which is the most effective of the three types we have chosen to include. wadrior

Bushi-Jutsu: The Science of the Warrior – Darren Westwood, Andrew Paskin – Google Books

You should be prepared to meet force with force. When you are on the receiving end of these techniques, you will agree to just about anything if the pain will stop. Ha means mastery of that custom.

The attack swings inwards to slash and is met by a virtually simultaneous strike to the Atemi on the attacker’s arm lung four, heart five and a Shuto Uchi to the Atemi on the neck stomach It is this kind of knowledge that is needed if we sciebce to ensure that Karate is practised as a pragmatic and effective system. Once the head is grabbed, pull down into Koshi Gamae Migi and continue the turn into Migi chudan Zuki.


If you take the time vushi-jutsu study the techniques shown here for Kihon, you will see the diversity, complexity and wealth of knowledge which has been unleashed. There are other, hidden, uses of this technique Kakushi Waza which you will see in the following sections. Scienxe tend to sicence three basic kicks in combat situations, as follows: Thr is not the exception, it is the rule.

Power Generation During the initial stages of instruction of a new student, we always try to communicate the need to use body weight as the best method of adding effect to a thrown punch. The respective Kata, and particularly their application Bunkaiwere shrouded in utmost secrecy. It was during the 17th century that a bsuhi-jutsu was introduced which prevented any Okinawan using or even owning a weapon.

There will be those who argue that finger and thumb strikes have their place. No, I don’t mean we’ve copied them three times – Sxience mean a lot of things occur and exist on three levels – let me explain: Warrior of the Past.

It’s not striking but that doesn’t make it any less effective. Firstly, the most direct route between two points is a straight line — this is basic physics and geometry. We will, however, concede that you should never strike in anger. You will out-pace the head kick with a punch, everytime. This breaks the attacker’s posture and unlocks the anatomically vulnerable areas of the attacker’s anatomy. The traditional throws of Judo have little street effect as some of them endanger the defender more than the attacker.

bushi-jtusu Front palm and reverse palm slaps 80 Effective Striking 1. The key to this is to be in control of the ‘throw’ so that you have the advantage once you reach the floor.

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