Hi all, Our leading sponsor, Carlos Leonhard Woelz, has taken the time to produce an excellent tutorial on using Cervisia to manage CVS. I know a number of. Cervisia takes the mystery out of the command line. Cervisia shows 37A more complete Cervisia tutorial: ?news_id= Cervisia is a GUI frontend for the version control system CVS. It has features like a blame-annotated view, tagging and branching, a changelog editor coupled.

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Developer Tools Source link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work: Add the source-code for this project on git.

Tutorrial has features like a blame-annotated view, tagging and branching, a changelog editor coupled with the commit dialog and view of the log messages in a tree and list form. Please login or register to add a comment. Is there more recent information available?


This page and cervisia. Do you really want to report this comment?

Enter the repository location in the Repository: Cervisia will automatically disable the areas of the dialog that are not relevant cefvisia the access method you entered. Click the repository on the list to select it, and press the Login Enter your password in the pop-up dialog.

Since I am new to linux I figure it is probably me not the software but who knows? Unfortunately I don’t have the time to additionally provide user support here. Marko 14 years ago When is subversion support scheduled?

Anyway, thanks very much for this application.

CVS Intro, Commands and Examples

I can’t live without it. There are also other developers who offered to help me out with the subversion part when the basic plugin framework is done. So you just have to be patient.

It’s all I want for Christmas. Well, that and Krita ;D. So this entry is correct. So this can’t be the real problem.


Cervisia “This is not a CVS folder.”

Could it be that you have problems because of a gcc bug? Python Widget Factor – Developer Tools.

System Tags app software. Put the headline here.

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