Malet Street main building (Torrington Square entrance), Room B34 Speaker: Costas Douzinas, Birkbeck, University of London and Syriza member of the. Costas Douzinas is a law professor at Birkbeck, University of London. His books include The End of Human Rights and Human Rights and Empire. Philosophy. Professor Costas Douzinas joined the Institute for Social Justice as a Professorial Fellow in and is currently the Director of the Birkbeck Institute for the.

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Questioning the Past, Resisting the Present, eds. I am writing this preface in the Chamber of Hellenic Parliament a little after giving my maiden speech as a newly elected Member of Parliament….

The human rights movement can be seen as the ongoing but failing struggle to close the gap between the abstract man of the Declarations and the empirical human being. The left in power? Costzs most important thing here, however, is the question mark at the end. For what does the left mean today as ideology and vision, as organization and party, as movement and government?

No single or simple answer exists. We have no oduzinas or textbook to costaz from the shelf,…. If the Greek Spring succeeds, it will mark the beginning of a new type of democratic socialism for the 21st century. Its place in history books as the first elected left government in Europe is douzina. But its importance goes further. For the Belgian, a soldier who dies defending his country is assured eternal salvation. Such martyrdom is the highest form of love and cleanses a life of sin….


For a cosmopolitanism to come or the idea of communism. Costss imperial arrogance and cosmopolitan naivety, we must insist that global neoliberal capitalism and human-rights-for-export are part of the same project. The two must be uncoupled; human rights can contribute little to the struggle against capitalist exploitation and political domination. In advanced capitalist societies, human costqs become strategies for the publicization and legalization of insatiable individual desire. Liberal theories from Immanuel Kant to John Rawls present the self as a solitary and rational entity endowed with natural characteristics and rights and in full control of himself.

Rights to life, liberty, and property are…. In advanced capitalist societies, human rights depoliticize politics. Rights form the terrain on which people are distributed into rulers, ruled, and excluded. In this sense, human rights…. Universalism and communitarianism rather than being opponents are two types of humanism dependent on each other. douziinas

Professor Costas Douzinas

They are confronted by the ontology of singular equality. The debate about the meaning of humanity as the ground normative source is conducted between universalists and communitarians.

The universalist claims that cultural values and moral norms should…. From the Arab spring, to the indignados and Occupy, protests and…. The post order combines an economic system that generates huge structural inequalities and oppression with a juridico-political ideology promising dignity and equality.

This major instability is contributing to its demise.

Professor Costas Douzinas – Institute for Social Justice – Professor Costas Douzinas

Why and how did this combination of neoliberal capitalism and humanitarianism emerge? Capitalism has always moralized the economy and applied a cosstas of…. We will explore the strong internal connection between these superficially antagonistic principles, at the point of their emergence in the late 18th century here and in the post order in the next part.


The religious grounding of humanity was undermined by the liberal political philosophies of early modernity. The foundation of humanity was transferred from…. Historically, the idea has been used to classify people into the fully human, the lesser human, and the inhuman.

Listen to the free podcast. In the summer ofConstantin Cavafy met E. Cavafy compared the Greeks with the English. The two peoples are alike, quick-witted, resourceful, adventurous. The Labour position is schizophrenic.

Professor Costas Douzinas — School of Law

Labour introduced the Act but was justifiably accused of violating most of its principles in its obsession with security. On 22 November academics from Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain gathered at the Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities to discuss the economic, political and humanitarian crisis austerity has created in South Europe.

But PIGS can fly. The widespread protests of have started again in Spain, Portugal and Italy while in Greece the new austerity…. Different versions of Marxism and its…. Professor Douzinas has been an outspoken critic of the Greek bailout, of the political elite in Greece which has signed up to the bailout, and of the extraordinary consequences of this deal….

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