This article discusses about Potentiometers, construction, working, its applications and also different types which include rotary and linear Potentiometer. Free Ebooks dc crompton potentiometer theory for download in PDF, MOBI, EPUB, HTML for Amazon Kindle and other Ebooks Readers. Potentiometers. Introduction. A Basic dc Potentiometer. Crompton’s dc Potentiometers. Applications of dc Potentiometers. AC Potentiometers.

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This means that current through the galvanometer will always be proportional to the out of balance current whatever may be the setting of the main dials. If a third range of x 0. This potentiometer is supplied potentiometsr a self standardization circuit built in, which renders standardization dependent on setting of voltage dials.

The long slide wire is awkward, and even for the length shown cannot be read to a very great degree of precision. This is essential so that once the instrument has been calibrated on x 1 range, calibration of the x 0.

This fixes the working current to its proper value. A centre zero type galvanometer is included in the circuit to indicate deflection. Supposing the value of emf of the standard cell is 1. This is the speciality of a potentiometer, it can measure voltage most accurately. After completion of standardisation, the switch ‘S’ is thrown to operate position thereby connecting the unknown emf into the potentiometer circuit. Find potentiommeter suppliers in Faridabad Carbon Potentiometer in Faridabad.

Call Send a quick message. Suppose, by adjusting the rheostat we get v volt voltage drop appearing per unit length of the resistor. This textbook ” Electrical and Electronics Measurements ctompton S.

This instrument has two ranges: The slide wire is provided with scale divisions and since the total resistance of slide wire corresponds to a voltage drop of 0. However, for some applications higher precision and accuracy are needed, requiring changes potentiometrr design features.


Potentiometer Working Principle of Potentiometer

Digital Potentiometer in Ambala. The figure below shows lotentiometer separate standard cell dial incorporated in a single range potentiometer. The potentiometer is used to monitor the value of temperature where a thermocouple is employed. This condition is satisfied only when the total battery current has the same value for each measuring range.

Crompton Potentiometer

However, in this potentiometerthere are three measuring dials. The vernier potentiometer reads to the increment of 0. Some of the features are explained below: The value of unknown emf is read off directly from the settings of the dial adjust slide wire.

Thus, these products are widely used in diverse sectors such as laboratories, health care sector and medical institutions.

Nature of Business Manufacturer. The potentiomeher working principle of potentiometer is quite simple. Thus a considerable change in standard cell emf owing to temperature changes can be allowed for the operation of the circuit below. This provides a means of standard cell balance resistance to suit the emf value of the particular standard cell used. This potentiometer is provided with a double throw switch which allows the connection of either the standard cell or the unknown emf to be applied to the working circuit.

The standardisation cromptonn the potentiometer is checked again by returning the switch S to the calibrate position. Modern laboratory type potentiometers use calibrated dial resistors and a small circular wire of one or more turns, thereby reducing the size of the instrument. By adjusting this sliding end, a point like B is found where there is no current through the galvanometer, hence no deflection in the galvanometer.

Get Best Price Request a quote. As the balance or null point is approached, the crompyon resistance is shorted so as crkmpton increase the sensitivity of the galvanometer.

This potentiometer is provided with an independent standardising circuit AD which can be set on any range of standard cell emf from 1. All modern potentiometers incorporate a separate standard cell dial circuit calibrating circuit. Digital Potentiometer in Ambala. Rust proof body Durability Easy to operate Specification: To fulfill the diversified demands of our clients, we offer these products at budget friendly prices.


These difficulties to get accurate results mainly arise because of lack of uniformity of slide wire and the difficulties in maintaining the contacts in good shape. The figure below shows a deflectional potentiometer.

The slide wire of the calibrating circuit is set to read the emf of the standard cell which is connected to the potentiometer. Also, a separate standard cell dial permits the operator to check the standard cell balance at any time during the course of measurement without disturbing the potentiometer setting.

The above requirement means that the voltage E ac in above figure remains the same for both positions of range switch S. The galvanometer circuit includes a set of compensating resistors R 1R 2.

The two ranges are obtained by using two resistors R 1 and R 2 and a range selecting switch S. There is no slide wire. Number of Employees Upto 10 People. That means, emf of the standard cell is just balanced by the voltage appearing in the resistor across point A and B.

Hence, voltage drop per unit length of the resistor is equal throughout its length.

Crompton Potentiometer Complete Setup

In actual practice the resistance of the second dial is greater than that between two studs in the main first dial, so that the voltage drop across the second dial is greater than 0.

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This process does not disturb the measuring circuit while convenience and speed of measurements are increased.

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