Free Culture by Lawrence Lessig, stripes. ABOUT TOC Free Content Remixes J acket Notes Typos · Get It Reviews Publisher Contact. Welcome. Lessig, Lawrence. Free culture: how big media uses technology and the law to lock down culture and control creativity / Lawrence Lessig. CULTURA LIBRE (Spanish Edition) [LAWRENCE LESSIG ] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Cultura libre es un libro fundamental para.

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There is almost no use that is presumptively unregulated. Ina copyright lasted 14 years, and owners could get a year extension for a fee. Expansive intellectual property rights stands to dramatically increase all regulations on creativity in America, stifling innovation by requiring innovators to request permission prior to their creative work.

Lessig focuses on a fair balance between the interest of the public to use and participate into released creative works and the need of protection for a creator’s work, which still enables a “read-write” remix culture.

134484221-Por-Una-Cultura-Libre-Lawrence-Lessig.pdf (PDFy mirror)

Open education Educational resources University Admissions Open-door academic policy. This section explores how the current law makes the use of new digital technologies, such as e-mailing a Comedy Central clips, “presumptively illegal”.

Adam suggested that people pick a chapter and make a voice recording of it, partly because they were allowed to. Lessig believes that if he had instead argued that this extension caused net harm to the US economy and culture, as numerous people had advised, he could have won.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Lessig traces the simultaneous legal environment that permitted its genius: Chapters 6—9 offer four stories to help illustrate what it means to say that a copyright is property. Lessig cites drug company lobbying in the U. Initially, Free Software Foundation founder Richard Stallman did not see the importance of free works beyond software.

== Free Culture ==

Chapter 2 is a discussion about the influence of technology on culture, and the legal environment that impacts its reach. However, the law still remains: ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Although not ledsig an actual time Lessig does suggest four principles of any copyright term:.


The Free Music Philosophy used a three pronged approach to voluntarily encourage the spread of unrestricted copying, based on the fact that copies of recordings and compositions could be made and distributed with complete accuracy and ease via the Internet.

Andrew Keena critic of Web 2. Lessig explains that copyright is a kind of property, but that it is an odd kind of property for which the term can sometimes be misleading—the difference between taking a table and taking a good idea, for example, is hard to see under the term ‘property’. Lawrence Lessig claims copyright is an obstacle to cultural production, knowledge sharing and technological innovation, and that private interests — as opposed to public good — determine law.

In a review in The New York TimesAdam Cohen found Free Culture to be a “powerfully argued and important analysis,” where Lessig argues persuasively that we are in a crisis of cultural impoverishment. Lessig contextualizes piracy, noting that “even if some piracy is plainly wrong, not all ‘piracy’ is Here Lessig describes how, according to the New York Times 43 million Americans had downloaded music inthus making 20 percent of Americans criminals.

Will they do it again? Lanier’s concerns include the depersonalization of crowd-sourced anonymous media such as Wikipedia and the economic dignity of middle-class creative artists.

Por una cultura libre

Ccultura side says, ‘File sharing is just like two kids taping each other’s records’ English Choose a language for shopping. It indirectly supports them by ensuring that follow-on creators and innovators remain as free as possible from the creators of the past by limiting how extensive intellectual property rights are.

The bill was heavily lobbied by music and film corporations like Disneyand dubbed as the Mickey Mouse Protection Act. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals.


In particular, the internet has brought about a war against piracy. On the other hand, creators shun the notion of having their intellectual property at the disposal of pirates, and so agree to delimit commonality through strict copyright laws. CC promotes sharing creative works and diffusing ideas to produce cultural vibrance, scientific progress and business innovation. Open government Open-source governance. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. However, the combined effects of the changes in these five dimensions has been to restrict rather than promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, in apparent violation of the constitutional justification for copyright law.

In response, Lessig calls for a “sensible patent policy” that could support the patent system but enable flexibility in distribution, a “sense of balance” he says once existed historically but has now been lost.

CD was a new technology, not mentioned in any of the original contracts with the people involved.

Lessig argues that this substantially limits the growth of creative arts and culture, in violation of the US Constitution; the Supreme Court ruled that Congress has the constitutional authority to properly balance competing interests on cases like this.

Many old “films were produced on nitrate-based stock, and nitrate stock dissolves over time. Similarly, in Stallman said that he sees cultjra social imperative for free hardware designs like the imperative for free software”. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Lessig argues that we are fast becoming a permissions culture, though he sees the internet as a modern-day Armstrong: Modern technology allows people to copy or cut and paste video clips in creative new ways to produce art, entertainment, and new modes of expression and communication that didn’t exist before.

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