The DD Form is used in ITSS to document the acceptance of a Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPR). The form is created from an accepted. DD Form , Acceptance of MIPR. Follow the procedures at PGI for use of DD Form [ 71 FR , July Subchapter H – CLAUSES AND FORMS Part – FORMS Subpart – Prescription of Forms Section – DD Form

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Corm the status of the cancellation request s using the Requisition Status page. For FMS shipments, enter the MAPAD code in the code block and an instruction for the contractor to contact the transportation office of the administering activity to obtain a name and a shipping address.

There are three categories of codes to choose from.

48 CFR 253.208-2 – DD Form 448-2, Acceptance of MIPR.

On purchase orders retained by purchasing offices for administration, mark this block, “see block 6. Add items to your shopping cart in the same way you would do for regular purchase requisitions and click Checkout.

Further procurement activities are carried out based on the funding category Reimbursement Order. An assessment by the auditor of the adequacy of the prospective contractor’s accounting system and related internal controls as defined in When all the approvers approve the document, the approval status changes to Approved, Accepted.

Enter code E fotm the action was a total set-aside for small disadvantaged businesses You can only cancel Approved requisitions. Forj you can copy line items from one MIPR to another.

Edit Lines page where the Accounts tab dx highlighted. Enter date that the DD Form Report is submitted.


Otherwise, leave D3 blank. These actions are treated as not available for competition in published competition reports. Code 3 includes the following:.

FARS Section DD Form , Acceptance of MIPR., at

Otherwise, leave Block C2 blank. Enter code M if the contracting action is a task or delivery order under a multiple award indefinite delivery contract. When all the approvers approve the document, the approval Status changes to Approved.

A As a request to the requiring department to issue a MIPR amendment to provide the additional funds; or. B Ship repair, inspect and repair as necessary IRANmodification of aircraft, overhaul of engines, or similar maintenance, repair or modification services, enter the code that best identifies the program. If you initiate an amendment for a MIPR that has some quantity already received, you cannot amend the MIPR to a quantity less than the received quantity.

A call under other blanket purchase agreements, pursuant to FAR Subpart Otherwise, leave Block E4 blank. You can choose to cancel the requisition in its entirety by clicking Cancel Entire Requisition.

E Block E2e, Other. Enter code B when the contracting action is a modification of an existing contract including a letter contract which is not covered by code A or by codes C through H. The value Both indicates that some MIPR-Others lines have an obligation type of Reimbursement Order where the line of accounting belongs to the assisting agency and other MIPR-Others lines have an obligation type of Direct Citation an external value for line of accounting is used and the charge account for the assisting agency is a dummy value.

Enter code 3 when the contracting action is the award of a definitive contract. CLM for Public Sector can receive purchase requisitions in a standard format from an external requisition system. An assessment by the auditor of the adequacy of the prospective contractor’s accounting system and related internal controls as defined in Enter code 1 when the contracting action is a letter contract.


A Complete this block only if Block D9 is coded “Y” and the contracting action is in one of the four designated industry groups, not one of the targeted industry categories.

Specify within the order each FMS case identifier code by line or subline item number. A determination that the prospective contractor has or can get adequate financial resources to obtain needed facilities, equipment, materials, etc. If applicable, enter the breakdown on quantities for each ship-to point within the line item.

Enter total number and dollar value of contracting actions with women-owned small businesses see FAR Enter the prenegotiation objectives. Enter code A if the contractor is an SDB concern as defined in This includes actions placed directly with a foreign government that are not under international agreements see paragraph d 2 i B of this subsection. When contract actions are awarded contingent on the availability of funds, enter the date funds are obligated.

Enter a code that identifies the commodity described in Block B12E. If more than one code applies to the contracting action, enter the one that best identifies the product or service representing the largest dollar value. G Place including military installations where a service is performed for service contracts.

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