Praise. “The best account [of the Peloponnesian War] now available.” —Los Angeles Times Book Review. “A fresh, clear and fast-moving account for general. The first volume of Donald Kagan’s acclaimed four-volume historyof the Peloponnesian War offers a new evaluation of the origins andcauses of the conflict, b. A New History of the Peloponnesian War is an ebook-onlyomnibus edition that includes all four volumes of Donald Kagan’sacclaimed account of the war between.

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My main problem though? Excellent story that I had been waiting to get around to for a while now. The False Peace Chapter Sixteen: What was to be a short war turned into almost three peloponmesian of war, a shifting political landscape for Athens, and the decline of Athenian prominence. Okay, he’s cheering for the Athenians. Rapidly losing their place as the premier Greek power and forced to counter the growing Athenian encroachment on their sphere of influence the Spartans are forced warr fight.

My ancient area of focus was ancient Greece. A small sampling of what I learned. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics.

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His style is generally entertaining, with a very British style of dry humor that tend to make history books much more readable to a wide audience. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals.

Rather than analyze those thoroughly, Kagan defends their rationale. Cleon, for example, is usually portrayed merely as the prototypical and archetypal demagogue. Professor Kagan preceded this one-volume history with a four-volume history of the war that took him around 20 years to write. Frederick Kagan’s wife is Kimberly Kagana well-known military qar and founder and president of the Institute for the Study of War.

But with this single volume, Kagan was able to produce a fast-moving tale, full of incident and colorful description. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Inspired by Your Browsing History. Thucydides continues to be the prime source of all things Peloponnesian War-related.


Kagan focuses more on the Athenians than the Spartans. No, I am not a history professional. The Peloponnesian War feels like proof that, while history may not truly repeat, it certainly falls into similar patterns. The Spartan Alliance 2. Some commentators liken Kagan’s approach to some sort of liberal predilection, he just hates the oligarchs because he’s a bleeding heart socialist.

Perhaps the history of Sparta is much less recorded, but in the end the Spartans were made to look peloponnrsian a menace around Athens, or more aptly a bunch of goons who could do nothing right, except getting lucky at times, and renegading on their oaths all the time. According to Jim Lobe, cited by Craig Unger, Kagan’s turn away from liberalism donalx in when Cornell University was pressured into starting a Black Studies program by gun-wielding students seizing the Willard Straight Hall: Lessons can be gleaned about human nature, the roles of inspired leadership and craven kgaan, how roll-of-the-dice serendipity can manifestly change outcomes, how varying and conflicting approaches to governance can will?

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Under Pericles the Athenians would concentrate its citizens behind the city’s walls and wait out the Spartans. Yes, it was utterly amazing that the Athenians lasted as long as they did, but there were some real missteps in their execution of the war.

That Athens spent nearly as much time forcing the members of the League back into line wasted valuable time, men, materiale and money that could have been put to better use elsewhere. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. We are three plus years A single volume history by the author of a multi-volume account of this epic conflict, The Peloponnesian War reads a little like a cliff notes version.

See all 89 reviews. Their victories are accidental and their losses require little explanation. Too dry for my taste, I’m afraid. Though, perhaps one could argue that that is the way with wars, especially wars of attrition, and both the Athenians and the Spartans had pretty much had enough of the whole thing. This book is wonderful because it takes Thucydides classic text–itself a wonder–and fills in the gaps, or corrects the ancient text where necessary.


However, it takes more than good writing to make a classic book. In the first phase of the war, the “Archidamian War,” Athens was influenced by Pericles to adopt a defensive strategy– to resist peloponnesisn the Spartans see they cannot be beaten.

The Peloponnesian War by Donald Kagan

It pelopinnesian up while I was browsing audiobooks, and I thought, “Now that looks legitimate. The first volume of Donald Kagan’s acclaimed four-volume history of the Peloponnesian War offers a new evaluation of the origins and causes of the conflict, based on evidence produced by modern scholarship and on a careful reconsideration of the ancient texts.

Apparently the answer is ‘yes. But the author’s mild pro-democratic biases are evident.

Oct 17, Dergrossest rated it really liked it. As you may know, he had previously written a 4-book series on the war, each one focusing on a different phase of the war.

In truth, I’m not sure I needed as much as I got to really understand the essence of the conflict and its place in the historical development of society and government, kaan there were times when the details tended to bog down the story. All wat all, the stories of the people and cities of Greece came to life, and then pulled me along as events inevitably led to a painful but in the larger scheme, not hopeless finale for Athens.

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