Doubt has ratings and reviews. Ahmad said: Doubt: a parable, John Patrick ShanleyDoubt, A Parable is a play by John Patrick Shanley. Ori. THE STORY: In this brilliant and powerful drama, Sister Aloysius, a Bronx school principal, takes matters into her own hands when she suspects the young. April 7- May 7, Tickets available now! This suspenseful, thought-provoking drama received both the Pulitzer Prize and Broadway’s Tony.

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View all 3 comments. Want to Read saving…. That doesn’t mean you can’t discuss whether or not you feel Father Flynn did it.

Doubt: A Parable – John Patrick Shanley – Google Books

She takes the case in her hands, and looks for evidence and witnesses to prove her case. Time passes, and Sister James returns to indirectly report what Sister Aloysius suspected – Father Flynn may have had inappropriate contact with Donald Muller, the school’s only black child. Parrable trust is the order of the day, predators are free to plunder. And plunder they did.

It is this climate that allowed many guilty priests to survive in parishes for so long, with so many lives destroyed. Doubt is an issues driven play that focuses on moral dilemmas doubg the determination of guilt and innocence.

Mueller, the mother of a young boy who attends St.

Featured Jobs Near You. In what sounds like a total snooze-fest, John Patrick Shanley pits a vetted nun against a questionably liberal parsble, and in just a few pages, he creates the exact opposite: In this paeable faith, doubt, trust and power are all challenged and are in conflict with each otherand it is for us to judge for the outcome.

The writing is excellent, and the details included are ambiguous enough to perfectly balance each other so that you really do not know what story to believe.

The playwright John Patrick Shanley, in the preface of his excellent play: In this brilliant and powerful drama, Sister Aloysius, a Bronx school principal, takes matters into her own hands when she suspects the young Father Flynn of improper relations with one of the male students Even this statement, which appears to be a defense, cannot be digested whole. Overall, it was an excellent play to read and, I imagine, even more of an excellent play to watch.


Flynn calls the bishop to apply for a transfer, where, later, he receives a paranle and is instated as pastor of a nearby parochial school.

Doubt: A Parable – Wikipedia

The playwright in the preface writes: Does Father Flynn’s promotion mean that God has protected him from a false accusation, or is this ironic comment on the protection the church provided predatory priests for decades? You may want to be sure. It could have made me doubt more. Dramatists Play Service Inc- Drama – 54 pages. Nicholas Catholic Church, this thought-provoking story involving two nuns, a priest and the mother of a young black boy, reads like an intense investigative mystery maintaining a high level of “questionable” suspicion throughout, and the formidable presence of Sister Aloysius will keep you intrigued and wondering what she will say or do next.

The final three acts will truly put you through an emotional whirlwind, especially Scene 8. When Sister Aloysius confronts Flynn about what may have happened, he responds, “What exactly are you accusing me of? The storytelling is ruthlessly concise, giving the reader only just enough to maintain a teetering sense of uncertainty. It is interesting that this play takes place just before the Sexual Revolution.

Doubt: A Parable

Central to all these themes is individual biases and the role of gossip. The worst intimation is that Flynn gave Donald wine. I feel this way when presented with two opposing viewpoints of merit. The play premiered in Britain at the Tricycle Theatre.

He could be goading the sister to payrick make an accusation paranle retreat, gambling perhaps that she will retreat. Even by play standards, Doubt is incredibly short, to a point that it almost feels like I only read the first act of a longer play. I read Doubt, A Parable, as part of a book challenge. We might have drawn a conclusion that her traditional ways are superior to the more modern teaching and social styles of Flynn and James. But I have been shanlry by the bitter necessities of an interesting life to value that age-old practice of the wise: It tends to be confusing and have no clear conclusion.


Once they spread, it’s impossible to gather them all back up and you don’t know diubt they’ll land and how far they’ll reach. She instead reminds him that she hasn’t accused him of anything, but merely asked him what happened. We immediately like him because his voice is familiar and modern, even though the play’s action takes place in Aloysius and Father Flynn are put into direct conflict when she learns from Sister James that the priest met one-on-one with Donald Muller, St.

The New York Times.

It rolls along with the momentum of conflict growing all the time stakes being raised and plenty of gasp-inducing moments for the jjohn. After a stunning, sold-out production at Manhattan Theatre Club, the play has transferred to Broadway. But what of Father Flynn? After declaring his innocence, the priest begins to plead with her, at which point she blackmails him and demands that he resign immediately, or else she will publicly disgrace him patriick his history.

Originally staged off-Broadway at the Manhattan Theatre Club on November 23,the production transferred to the Walter Kerr Theatre on Broadway in March and closed on July 2,after performances and 25 previews.

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