A powerpoint presentation of the supplication Jawshan al-Kabir, containing Arabic text and English translation. Jawshan Kabeer (Arabic: جوشن الكبیر ) is a long Islamic prayer that contains names and According to the book of Urwath al-Wutha of Mohammed Kazem Yazdi, writing Dua Jawshan Kabir (as well as writing the whole of Quran and. Dua Al-Jaushan. Al-Kabeer and has said to take this coat of armour (Jawshan in protect this dua and write it on the Kafan (burial shroud).

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To Allah belong the east and the west: Now, Iabir will focus on two sections of the dua, one of which emphasizes light and the other stresses life. Those who bear the Throne, and those around it, celebrate the praise of their Lord and have faith in Him, and they plead for forgiveness for the faithful: And the Man of the Fish, when he left in a rage, thinking that We would not put him to hardship.

Dua’a Jaushan-e-Kabeer

All human beings, animals, and plants owe their life to a living being before them. But which of those names is the Greatest Name of God? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The next verse reads.

It includes, therefore, a total of one thousand names and attributes of the Almighty, some of which are mentioned in the Holy Qur’an. However, it suffices us to mention that, according to this narration, whoever writes down this dua on his kafan burial shroudGod will not lead him to the hellfire and whoever recites this dua with a pure intention in the beginning of the month of Ramadan, God will grant him success to witness the Night of Qadr and will create for him seventy thousand angels, all of whom will be busy praising and glorifying God.


The rest of the dua is about calling God’s names and attributes. His enemy, Nimrod, claimed that he is the one who gives life and takes it away.

Reflections on Dua Jawshan Kabir

After every section, the following sentence should jawshna recited: If he asks God something, He either fulfils his request in this world, quickly or with some delay, or gives him something better in the hereafter. Human beings in order to survive, depend on other humans, animals, plants, etc.

According to Qur’an Allah guides to His Light whomever He wishes. Nevertheless, when we call God, we usually ask Him what we need, kavir we are needy creatures and He is our Merciful Lord, and for many believers, this is the main purpose of ddua. When Nimrod wanted to kill Abraham a by throwing him in a huge fire, God saved Abraham a in the middle of the fire.

Be cool and safe for Abraham!

Dar Ihya al-Turath al-Arabi, In all, the supplication comprises names of Allah and attributes of Allah and request from Allah. This very sentence, which is repeated one hundred times in this dua, is very important and significant. And Allah jzwshan not guide the wrongdoing lot”.

The coat was so heavy that it was hurting the Prophet’s body. In order for their meaning to be absorbed, deep reflection is necessary. Reflections on Dua Jawshan Jawshaj.

This page was last edited on 25 Octoberat He is the Living One, there is no god except Him. Here, the story of Prophet Abraham a is worthy to be mentioned. Besides, as Shaykh ‘Abbas mentions, the fact that ‘Allama Majlisi, in his Zad al-Ma’ad, has included the recitation of this dua among the rituals of this night suffices us to believe that reciting the supplication of Jawshan Kabir is specially recommended on these three nights.

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If he calls Me, I will answer him, and if he asks Me something, I jawsshan bestow it upon him.

The context of the prayer was written by Ali ibn Husayn Zayn al-Abidin and came to him from his great grandfather Muhammad by word of mouth. Naturally, therefore, dua comes with requests.

Light in Section 47 In section 47 of the dua, ten names of God have been mentioned, all jzwshan which are related to light. Muhaddith Nuri, Husayn b. This jawshab us that, unlike what most people assume, dua is not restricted to asking God one’s requests; rather, dua is essentially calling God, even if one does not ask Him anything. In addition, it is mentioned that whoever reads this supplication three times during the month of Ramadan, God will make the hellfire forbidden to him and will make it certain for him dka enter Paradise.

We read in Qur’an Retrieved from ” https: Translated by ‘Ali Quli Qara’i. Shaykh ‘Abbas Qummi then explains that he has not found any narration to the effect that this dua must be recited particularly on the Night of Qadr. At this point, the Angel continued to explain the greatness of this supplication kabif the Prophet.

As a similitude, imagine a password, consisting of ordinary digits that are nothing but zero to nine. In dua Kumayl, also, the light of everything is attributed to the divine light:

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