Interview with Jacob Lund Fisker, Author of “Early Retirement Extreme: A Philosophical and Practical Guide to Financial Independence” RPF This show is. Midlifers might retire sooner using “early retirement extreme” strategies. by one of the movement’s leading proponents, Jacob Lund Fisker. Can I Retire Young by Jacob Lund Fisker of Early Retirement Extreme Jacob Lund Fisker was a nuclear astrophysicist who retired at 33 with what he.

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Aug 03, Dorotea rated it it was amazing Shelves: Having just taken a 30 month sabbatical – paid for by some of the principles espoused by the book – I retiremeng it all to be true without a shadow of a doubt. Fisker is a career physicist and it shows throughout the book.

331: Is Your Stuff Holding You Back by Jacob Lund Fisker of Early Retirement Extreme

Nov 24, Kevin Wortman rated it it was amazing. That being said, his applications do have some huge If you’re tired of the same old “Click here for 25 ways to cut your spending” ideas, this book has lud suggestions that are so extreme, you may not believe what you’re reading.

Advertisement does not imply endorsement. Therefore this collection also comes with higher depreciation costs. I encourage everyone to read this book and think about the ideas presented; like Fisker edtreme, don’t expect this book to give you directions on how to live your iacob I always used the utility knife instead though so if I had to pick again, I would get a spork.

Pointless activities including jobs do seem to be somewhat disagreeable. Free on kindle unlimited. It is an interesting concept — but not everyone buys into it. Firstly, your expenses are so low that you need to withdraw only 3.

What it does, instead, is take some of the axioms of conventional wisdom, mix them with a healthy dose of simple living philosophy, and earlyy take them to their logical conclusions in a very systematic way, complete with exercises to help you to tailor the same approach to your life.

Can I Retire Young by Jacob Lund Fisker of Early Retirement Extreme – Optimal Living Daily

This was one of the first books I bought for the Kindle that really began to use the additional features that the machine offers. Overall, a decent book but sometimes too outlandish even for people who do already live simply. The stuff you actually keep and use Day I’ve also written a chapter in a book about peak oil, some creative stories for an ezine, and about 30 papers in academic journals mostly concerning subtleties about neutron stars.


Fisker does an incredible job conveying his point, and since I’m an engineer graduate as well, I really enjoyed his use of pragmatism, practicality, insight and graphs.

Since everybody’s situation is different age, education, location, children, goals, Investing for early retirement — Part 2. I’m not a wildly consumer-centric person and i’m a saver by nature, but without a strong philosophy and larger mission and strategy i. The opening part of the book is devoted to explaining the phenomenon of the “lock-in” of wage slavery and consumerism prevalent in our society today.

Be warned, it is a thinking mans or womans book. Only in passing does he mention vital information retiremeent withdrawal rate and how to invest for income, only to focus on pages of mathematical equations with no explanation.

Reduce your expenses, you fucker and invest the difference. A priori reasoning would suggest that not having any job related stress at the chronic low level that leads to increased blood pressure and bad habits like sugary drinks insulin havocwhich comes with many jobs, perhaps especially careers, would increase life span.

Everyone who must choose a path in adulthood, which is to say everyone older than 12, should read this book. I’ve also written a chapter in a book about peak oil, some creative stories for an ezine, and about 30 papers in academic journals mostly concern I’m a recovering physicist currently working as a quant.

Feb 21, David Shimazaki rated it really liked it.

Early Retirement Extreme: Can You Really Retire in 5 Years?

Lune has a thick bottom no hot spotsso it is also good for frying. In a sense, it’s brilliant. Be prepared to be confronted with your own futility of life and happiness. I wish my peers and I had been exposed to these ideas before we left for college and started making life-shaping economic decisions. I really enjoyed the section of the book entitled “The Lock In” that examines the almost insane cycle most people have got themselves into in Western society – working and working to buy largely meaningless stuff in exchange for losing the time that they could use to enjoy the ealry that they’ve bought!


What isn’t so clear is whether he has left anything behind, or replaced it with a better alternative. This book should be in the hands of college kids and twenty-somethings who have a shot of taking Fisker’s message and running with it much as Fisker did; he started his extreme retirement lifestyle in his mid-twenties.

There are no secrets in this book, no magic formulas, or tips that you haven’t heard of or couldn’t easily find online, but it’s all gathered here in a collective work as an interesting read, but more importantly, it is an important read. And if everything works out you will become financially independent in only a few years. Critics have pointed out that if you need to withdraw some of your portfolio during a year when your investments have had a negative return, your savings will be devastated.

I got nothing from this book, and if I were the target audience, it would have only served to discourage me from financial independence. Jan 10, Reid rated it liked it Shelves: However, there are significant subcultures in which you can easily find friends and partners who put less importance on curb appeal and one-hour commutes.

Even though someone could complain the author is not giving out exact plan how to do it, he spends first half of the book describing the philosophy behind it why and then giving some more examples in latter how.

This wasn’t an “I’ll spend a year hiking the Pa. Just go to the library or borrow it though because buying it is against the spirit of this book: It is not a “recipe” personal finance book.

Focus on developing skills rather than passive entertainment. His philosophy is very radical in that it completely discards all the trappings of success that most people work towards in life:

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