The 7 Day Timer has been designed to provide a simple means to control the operation of the heater system and to include the capability for diagnostics. Default setting times on Eberspacher 7day timer. My wife has to set the timer on our central heating so you can guess that my level of expertise. Buy Eberspacher Espar heater Easystart 7 day programmable timer | Appliances, Heating, A/C & Ventilation – ✓ FREE DELIVERY.

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Subscribe Get digital edition. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I have rarely used my timer for programming times so please bear with me. I wanted to set the heater to come on at 7am every day of the week. Following the instructions I have set the clock and managed to get it to come on at on one day. It seems to me though that there are only 3 programs available indicating that I can only pre-set 3 days.

This seems like nonsense but the instructions don’t indicate that I can use a program for more than one day. The timer is the oblong timer just called the ‘7 day timer’ by eberspacher, its not the square shaped series timer.

Look for a manual here: Originally Posted by pcatterall. My wife has to set the timer on our central heating so you can guess that my level of expertise is not too high!! Suggest you download the manual Originally Posted by Grumpybear.


setting times on Eberspacher 7day timer

Mine allows me to set up to three running periods of one hour, and to select each of them for any or all days of the week. The manual is essential, as is speed because you get abut 5 seconds before the thing moves on to the next bit. I daj say “following the instructions”!! Grumpy Bear gives me some hope and, yes, you do need to be quick. I guess that when I set the time to start on one day in prog 1, I can then just go on and set that same time for all the other days? Originally Posted by KevB.

I have the same timer and spent half an hour with the manual but couldn’t see how to set the timer to come on everyday at a set time. Originally Ti,er by David That’s because you can’t, again, that is a simple single event timer, with or without a set point rheostat for temperature, you have a choice of three single pre set events but can only actually set one at a time, if you wish to have it come on every day then you have to set the single event the day before, every day.

You can also use it to set the “burn time” from minutes down to 1 minute. I think there may be some talking at cross purposes here.

It has a time display and 5 control buttons: Its called the 10 series. You can set up to 3 programmes on the timer – that is, you can eberspachee the heater to come on up to 3 times in any 24 hour period for up to 8 hours at a time. The programmes are called P1, P2 and P3.


You can set each programme to be activated on a day or not as you choose. For example, when we left the boat over Christmas we set it to come on every day at for an hour using the P2 programme. All the other programmes set for early morning and late night were turned off.

Warranty & Support

Having said all of that, all I can say is that it was a pain getting the thing set up. There seems to be little logic in the required button pushes and you really do have to read the manual, try it, realise you’ve failed and go back to the start again.

It can be done it’s just a pain getting it right. I wouldn’t try and rely on my memory of how it was done even though its only a few weeks since I did it; there is no option but to use the manual!

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