Brian Keene (born September 22, ) is an American author and podcaster, primarily known for his work in horror, dark fantasy, crime fiction, and comic books. Title, El alzamiento. Dolmen books. Author, Brian Keene. Translated by, Alberto MorĂ¡n Roa. Publisher, Tebeos Dolmen Editorial, S.L., ISBN, El alzamiento by Brian Keene, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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I know my husband would hate it.

If you don’t like GORE don’t read horror. The military going crazy and trying to take over? View all 4 comments. Retrieved from ” https: Joe Hempel’s narration is strong throughout, and I particularly liked the affectations he gave to the zombies, particularly Ob, the malevolent leader of the Siquissim.

The Rising

I was glad to have both novels to read back to back or I’d have been a little mad about the end too. Many people have complained about the ending, but I found it to be pretty typical of the zombie genera, true I would have loved one more page This won the Bram Stoker? Zombie films, yes, books, no.

Back from the Void, they are growing in numbers and planning on taking back what they see as rightfully theirs. I’ve only mentioned this in a few reviews, but it’s one of those intangible gifts that some authors have and that I admire greatly, and it’s this: In andKeene spearheaded a Books For Troops program, in which various horror authors supplied free, signed books to American troops serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere around the world.


Really, this book is absolute poop and I wouldnt reccomend it to anyone unless you want to see just how bad it is.

The zombies are supposed to be intelligent yet act like hyper teenage boys who make absurd decisions that do little in advancing their cause. Moreover, Keene appears uncertain as to the extent of the epidemic. With such glaring spelling and gramatical errors as: This looks like it was his first bookso possibly one of his later books will be better.

Somewhat related, was it just me or was every black character a stereotype?

El Alzamiento: Brian Keene: : Books

Feb 26, Rob wlzamiento it did not like it Recommends it for: Jim eventually meets Martin, a wise elderly black minister. View all 11 comments. They are rotting, walking, running, sprinting, gun toting, bomb making, destructive, murderous,and not to forget rather smart.

The zombie named Ob explains that he comes from somewhere called The Void, which seems alzamienro be “Hell. Jul 11, Natasa rated it it was amazing Shelves: Now, everything with a brain gets reanimated upon death AND retains some of its own knowledge. Despite some original ideas and a few worthy tense moments, it is most of the time laughably bad, and embarrassingly badly written. Retrieved 22 November Maybe it’s because I’m getting older and my tolerance for that type of behavior, even in keeme, has now dwindled down to nothing?


Brian Keene

The spin and the explanation behind the turning is really cool. These zombies are scarier. Too many idiocies to list. I was told this was the start of the zombie genre and that it couldn’t get any better than this.

Part 1 of 2. There are several memorable characters throughout the novel and it even has zombie squirr Jim is on a mission to get back home and save his son. Alas, not so much.

I kind of lost it after that Paperbackpages.

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