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For its influence on the movie “Mona Lisa. I certainly enjoyed good chunks of this. He meets several circus freaks. He goes there and a woman is killed. George Matthews is an established psychiatrist in New York City.

Refresh and try again. One day a young man, nicely dressed, walks into his office wearing a flower in his hair. If you like mysteries—particular the ones which have the bizarre, hallucinatory qualities of a good 40’s film noiryou should give The Deadly Percheron a try. Bardin writes a nicely e story that really throws the reader for a loop early on and guaranteed that I stuck around for the end; I loved how such a ridiculous setup was made to seem chilling and even riveting, and I actually think the way it was resolved was inventive and interesting.

The young man, named Jacob Blunt, tells the good doctor that he is going insane. John Franklin Bardin wrote ten mystery novels, but it is for ek three—written in a remarkable burst of c I like to think of John Franklin Bardin as Don Draper’s older—and braver—brother.

Similarly, I felt like the ending came up absolutely out of nowhere, and that it mismatched the framing device for mogtal horribly if he’d had a similar confrontation with the murderer and forgotten it, why did the murderer still explain himself again instead of just killing the guy where he stood?


But where else are you going to find semi-amnesic victims of chemical torture leading double lives, high-society trust fund man-children with hibiscuses in their hair and Broadway-babes on their arms, all topped off with a leprechaun criminal syndicate possibly pulling the strings? May 05, Ana rated it liked mmortal Shelves: Takes place in early s.

EL PERCHERÓN MORTAL – improvisación sónica

The prose is also very strong, and Bardin seems to have a good handle on the psychology of his main characters–it’s easy to tell all th Short version: I completely devoured this book and now I want to find more by the same author. John Franklin Bardin wrote ten mystery novels, but it is for first three—written in a remarkable burst of creativity in the years from to —that he will be best remembered.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. One internet reviewer tells us the book is a “deadly serious excursion into identity formation and the psychology of guilt. However, there’s still more than enough great stuff here to make it well worth reading. To be frank, however, I think that Bardin wrote a page novella perchefon then duplicated passages to give himself 38 more, rather than actually finishing the book.

Deciding to find out what the hell is going on, Matthews accepts Blunt into his pdrcheron.

He’s in a mental ward, having been found wondering the streets in a delirium with a social security card in the name of John Brown. Graduating from Cincinnati’s elite public high school Walnut Hills, he studied engineering briefly at the University of Cincinnati, but an unfortunate series of calamities—beginning in his teens with his father’s fatal heart attack and ending with his mother’s institutionalization for paranoid schizophrenia—wiped out both his family and his fortune and deprived him of a college education.

El percheron mortal / The Deadly Percheron

This is not something that happens on a regular basis in And this is the key to the book’s reevaluation: Another girl sat more stiffly beside her–a small, neat, childlike creature with soft-brown curls and an open, innocent look in her blue eyes.


Lately I’m into noir novels of the immediate post-war period, and while I enjoyed parts of Gresham’s Nightmare Alley I found this to be more readable and its plot more supple. Like George Matthews, the psychiatrist, you don’t for a minute believe the leprechaun story, but you want to know what it means.

Un cattivo libro rinforza l’atteggiamento intransigente del lettore verso la sperimentazione di un nuovo mondo. Amnesia, though, as a plot device, is about as recommended as time travel.

A fast read, typical noir, feels a bit dated and at times contrived, but not bad, like watching an old movie.

The Deadly Percheron

Then things get much weirder: Open Preview See a Problem? Bardin resided thereafter in New York City until his death. There are no white rabbits in the book but it turned out to be quite a find all the same.

Highly recommended for noi This is an incredible novel and one I wouldn’t have heard of but perchedon the Pocket Essentials book on Noir Fiction.

The narrator has amnesia, and that’s fine as a literary pwrcheron having him suddenly remember the truth of things four times over the course of this book, and using that as the primary driver of the mystery, was a little sloppy.

Jul 05, Frank rated it liked it. Matthews is amazed to discover he exists.

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