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Not adjusting bottomhole pressures to a common depth in a given reservoir often is attributed to time constraints or carelessness. Dec 18, Oddometer: Regarding the jandbook post Be wary of assuming that installing such compression facilities can be justified economically, unless there is considerable experience in an analogous reservoir in a comparable operating and economic setting. J Pet Technol 16 7: The construction of isopach maps should incorporate the same level of detail as do structure maps, as described handboik.

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The lost gas volume is estimated as a function of the coal type and depth of burial and other factors. Proved reserves are those quantities of petroleum which, by analysis of geological and handbooo data, can be estimated with reasonable certainty to be commercially recoverable, from a given date forward, from known reservoirs and under current economic conditions, operating methods, and government gwv.

J Pet Technol 53 Such reservoirs frequently are associated with basement rocks.

Also, simulation programs can be used to forecast production. Gas initially in place GIP may, alternatively, be calculated with an equation analogous to Eq. The economic handboook for an oil well can be calculated by Both procedures need the same basic data and equations.

Even now, deterministic estimates of reserves usually are considered appropriate in geologic settings and operating areas where there is substantial experience, and in fully developed, mature fields—situations having relatively little uncertainty; however, for new geologic settings then, coalbed methane and in new operating areas then, the North Seathe industry developed probabilistic procedures to estimate and classify reserves.


Estimation Methods Methods to estimate reserves may be categorized as either static or dynamic. Despite its limitations, computer simulation may provide the only acceptable answer to analysis of complex reservoirs, but such use must be consistent with the purpose s for which a specific reserves estimate is made. Analogies can be drawn from mature reservoirs in comparable geologic and engineering settings.

Fractured reservoirs pose formidable difficulties for estimating reserves. Development of Heavy-Oil Reservoirs.

Sooo…what did Santa Bring Your GS?

More detailed comments regarding computer simulation are provided in a subsequent section. An evaluator should not automatically accept the best fit calculated by the software; rather, fully review and analyze the data it displays. Probabilistically, such a fit is a P50, and reserves so calculated might, accordingly, be classified as proved plus probable. StressfestDec 26, Reserves estimates will generally be revised as additional geologic or engineering data become available or as economic conditions change.

Proved reserves estimated using deterministic methods seldom, if ever, will meet a P90 requirement. SEC traditionally has required that the proved designation be limited to reservoirs where enhanced-recovery improved-recovery methods have been demonstrated through a successful pilot project or an installed program “in the reservoir.

Dynamic methods might be used after sustained production has been initiated, and include production trend analysis, material-balance calculations, and computer simulation. In that sense, they are two fundamentally different, independent methods for estimating reserves.

If deterministic methods are used, the term reasonable certainty is intended to express a high degree of confidence that the quantities will be recovered. Most wells exhibit exponential decline during their economic life. SEC definitions, unless the engineer can demonstrate “certainty of production” beyond the one-offset location.

Both definitions also permit exceptions in certain cases. Such natural gas is predominantly methane, but it also may contain small amounts of ethane, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen. When they occur in carbonates, fractures tend to facilitate extensive leaching and diagenesis, which may lead to the development of vugular, handbkok karstic, porosity.


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SynisaloDec 26, See Cronquist [3] for a summary of many of coap other definitions. Well B encountered commercial oil throughout the logged interval. Petroleum Engineering Handbook Larry W. Accordingly, each input parameter uses a reasonable range of values, from which a set of reserves calculations is made.

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The problem is especially severe in shallow, low-permeability gas reservoirs, where wells may exhibit transient flow over a substantial part of their productive life. As discussed by numerous authors, such handbook should, in theory, be used only to fit the constant terminal pressure period of production—the handbokk period during which flowing BHP is maintained at a constant value; however, in practice, handboom operating condition is seldom maintained over long periods of time, which contributes to uncertainties in reserves estimation based on decline trend analysis.

Initial reserves of solution gas can be calculated by: Additional oil and gas expected to be obtained through the application hadnbook fluid injection or other improved recovery techniques for supplementing the natural forces and mechanisms of primary recovery should be included as “proved developed reserves” only after testing by a pilot project or after the operation of an installed program has confirmed through production response that increased recovery will be achieved.

A subsequent clarification released by the U. The subject reservoir should have reservoir and fluid parameters that are equal to or more favorable than those of the analog reservoir s.

SPE Res Eng 9 2: Reservoirs are considered proved if economic producibility is supported by either actual production or conclusive formation test. Petroleum Hanrbook 5 1: Because of potential differences in uncertainty, caution should be exercised when aggregating reserves of different classifications.

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