For complete information on a command’s capabilities and restrictions, see the man page. Man pages for PowerHA® SystemMirror® for AIX® commands are. Important files: odmget HACMPlogs shows where are the log files odmget HACMPcluster shows cluster version odmget HACMPnode shows. There is no specific command to get the PowerHA version. However, the version of the fileset actually reflects the PowerHA.

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Kill ALL user sessions.

How to list the details of network ether1. Code syntax highlighter in google sites. ASM Storage Enhancements in 11g. SNMP-based tool to show cluster state.

HACMP: Cluster Commandline

Get current swap usage of processes. How to create a large snapshot of the hacmp configuration. How to change the cluster security to enhanced. How commmands remove the node node How to list all cluster networks. How to change cluster definitions name to dcmds and id to 2. Unknown 23 June at Move a data file online. If there are still enough free PPs in the existing Volume group the filesystem can be extended with a standard AIX command: How to do graceful shutdown immediately with no takeover.


PowerHA SystemMirror commands

PP2 First put in all mappings for mirror copy 1, then add all mapping for mirror copy 2. They happen to work. Comkands DB to another host. X utility for hacmp management. Describe various types of functions available in SQL. Sort the rows that are retrieved by a query.

AIX: HACMP Commands

How to show info about ether network module. How to add a cluster definition with name dcm and id 3.

Haacmp all indexes of table. How to list the resources defined for all resource group. Installation and Upgrade Enhancements. How to add node5 to the cluster.

How to list the shared vgs which can be accessed by all nodes. How to create resource group sapRG with nodes n1,n2 in cascade. External Table Enhancements in 12c.

How to list the local view of the cluster subsystems. You can increase or reduce the value depending on the system load.

How to locate the resource groups and display status -s. How to start cluster daemons options in that order: How to list the local view of the cluster topology.


AIX PowerHA (HACMP) Commands – Oracle DBA Community

For other layouts the value to ‘-u’ has to be increased to the right number of PVs. Explain the theoretical and physical aspects of a relational database. Starting with PowerHA 7.

Last modified: May 31, 2020