Hitachi Medical Systems Europe (Holding) AG. Hitachi – Noblus. Mode B & M- mode; omnidirectional M-mode; PW and CW Doppler; color and power Doppler; . Hitachi understands that healthcare is an integral part of our social infrastructure. The Noblus ultrasound diagnostic scanner features the ultimate in versatility. Highly visible volume data is available with a light-weight and compact probe. STIC(Spatio-temporal Image Correlation)*. Displays the fetal heart in 3D images .

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November 20, — Hitachi Aloka Medical, Ltd.

Diagnostic ultrasound has hitadhi an indispensable modality for medical care today, one that continues to expand into more and more areas. The new Noblus from Hitachi Aloka Medical was developed to fulfill these needs.

By designing this diagnostic ultrasound system in the form of a laptop PC with an optional cart, Hitachi Aloka Hitachu created a system with a style flexible enough to operate in many clinical environments.


Despite its compact design, Noblus is full of advanced versatilities including Real-time Tissue Elastography, a premium feature that depicts the relative elasticity of tissue and was previously found only on larger cart-based systems.

Noblus for General Imaging

With the release of Noblus, the notion that “small systems are for simple examinations” will be a thing hitacyi the past. Noblus, with its premium features and flexible style, is expected to bring the clinical benefits of high-end diagnostic ultrasound into new areas of healthcare.

Shipments of the Noblus will commence worldwide after the acquisition of a country’s marketing authorization.

Stereotactic Breast Imaging Technology Report: Digital Radiography Technology Report: Greg Freiherr Events About.

Technology November 20, Flexible design for use in various clinical scenarios Its unique space-saving design allows the operation panel to be folded up and out of the way, providing a larger work space when it is set on a desk; When used on the cart, Noblus can be operated in a sitting or standing position; Equipped with a battery and supporting wireless DICOM communication, Noblus offers smooth mobility for portable rounds within the hospital; and The monitor can be swiveled or tilted, reducing unnecessary stretching and straining by the examiner.


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