In the Meantime by Iyanla Vanzant – The #1 national bestseller from the host of the show Iyanla: Fix My Life on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) that answers. Love is the only thing that can make the meantime worthwhile. In this book, Iyanla Vanzant tells us how we can do this thorough mental housekeeping. Summary and reviews of In The Meantime by Iyanla Vanzant, plus links to a book excerpt from In The Meantime and author biography of Iyanla Vanzant.

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In the Meantime: Finding Yourself and the Love You Want – Iyanla Vanzant – Google Books

Aug 04, Erika Nerdypants rated it really liked it Shelves: Thank you for signing up, fellow book lover! Open Preview See a Problem? Knowing that she is on purpose; loving what she does; doing everything with excellence; is what Iyanla Vanzant says makes her the woman that banzant is today. I also find the book very accessible and user friendly–literally helpful from the first page. Why do we settle for meantime or meaningless, loveless relationships; or non-fulfilling interludes while trying to figure out what we really want, need and desire and not letting ourselves be talked out of just those desires.

She is poignant yet stern in her no-nonsense approach, leaving no stone unturned right down to the actually birthing of our lives having some sort of impact or meaning. Back then I have to strug Read this book, I must say a few things about what she said it’s true, and you can learn from it if you want to.

I loved keantime analogy of moving through a house of love, from the basement to the attic, each story a higher consciousness of what you need to do to fully realize yourself.


That my value was there for my discovery, my knowledge, and my iganla. This book was such an easy read and I could really relate to the stories.

In the Meantime: Finding Yourself and the Love You Want by Iyanla Vanzant

The windows of our hears and minds are streaked with past pains and hurts, past memories and disappointments. If you vqnzant this book you won’t regret it Iyanla cherishes her collection of over Bibles in various translations.

I was no longer angry about what i could not and did not have in a relationship. As well as when to know when to fold em in a relationship if you don’t know what that means you’re too young.

It is to say that we may fanzant have it with a particular person, at a particular time, or for as long as we want it to last. Sometimes we come to a time which may just be the “meantime” of our lives.

Love, not more money. You sit in one and visualize the person you want to talk to, or write that person’s name on a piece of paper and place it face up in the other chair.

The windows of our hearts and minds are streaked with past pains and hurts, past memories and disappointments.

In the Meantime: Finding Yourself and the Love You Want

We must be willing to give up old notions, incorporate new information, change the direction in which we are traveling, and most of all take the strings off love.

This is not an attempt at self-analysis.

You are your best friend, your confidant. It outlines how you need to clean each floor of your house one at a time, each relating to a different type of issue you may need to face in order to maximize your life, build up your relationship with yourself so you can be open to others in your life. I was at one of the if not the lowest point in my life Reading her is a joy.


As long meanrime you stand for love, with love, refusing to allow your ‘self’ to be lost in the search for love, you will be just fine.

In the Meantime

And there are some good tips you can add into your life. Free eBook offer available to NEW subscribers only.

There are several simple steps you can practice consistently that will help you find your center, your place of equilibrium: Price may vary by retailer. What am I feeling? As an empowerment specialist, Spiritual Life Counselor, and ordained minister, she lectures and facilitates workshops nationally with a mission to assist in the empowerment of women and men everywhere.

God, the creator of our life, wants you to elevate the way you view yourself and treat yourself, and ultimately the way you treat others and allow them to treat you. Jun 26, Grete rated it it was amazing. If you want new results, do a new thing.

Back ihanla I have to struggled with some opinionated friends that think differently, and not that I mind what they think, but it will help a bit I think. The windows are so clouded by fear, self-doubt, and inaccurate information that the light of love cannot shine through.

As with most of her writings I can never say that I’ve finished reading the book because my personal growth journey leads me to different places at different times.

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