jBC Run time, Running jBC programs. jBC Error Handling, Handling error conditions in jBC programs. jCL, jBASE command language (Proc) reference manual. CATALOG Command. .. DECATALOG and DELETE-CATALOG Commands .. DECRYPT. Quick Navigation. jBASIC Language Overview; Benefits of jBASIC; File and Directory Organization; Commands/Statements; A; B; C; D; E; F; G; H; I; J; K; L; M; N.

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The following guide is an instructional walkthrough of fundamental system administration tasks and how to begin programming in the jBASE database.

If you need to complete this task, please review the jBASE 5. Environment Variables are Operating System global variables for a shell. Only valid strings can be saved in an Environment Variables, special OS characters must be escaped or enclosed in quotes or single quotes.

Application and OS commands use environment variables to aid in their execution. User specific environment variables are set in the home directory. In Linux, env will set the Environment Variable for the extent of a command. Windows variables are set in the remote.

It can be invoked as your login shell by using the normal system administration software supplied with the platform. The more primitive features seen on some older platforms such as the “dot” command stacker have been replaced with easier to use and more functional equivalents. In same manner, quoted strings such as “quoted string” are passed directly to commads command with quotes intact. This enables query language statements such as: If the same command was issued from the ksh prompt, it would have to be issued as: Beyond this convenient feature, jSHELL also offers many significant advantages cmmands traditional shells and is easier to use.

Some of the main features of the jsh are: If the jsh command is issued without arguments, a jsh process is spawned andthis process becomes your command shell.

The jsh process will replace thecurrent shell if it is invoked through the UNIX exec command. To use this tutorial you will need to be logged in to your system and positioned at the shell prompt.

Creating your demo jbade for this comnands 1. Some Operating Systems require large file support to be enabled when the file system is created.


Refer to your System Administration Guide for your specific platform. The jED editor has been designed for ease of use, easy personal configuration and is especially suited to the editing of jBC programs. The jED editor is used in two different modes; command mode and edit mode, with edit being the default mode and the current mode displayed at the top of the screen. Add data to file 1. Press Esc to exit edit mode; then type FI to save and exit the record.


Create a dictionary 1. See file statistics 1. Enter jstat command with verbose display and filename. Enter jchmod command with the option to remove backup of file using jbackup. In order to resize the file enough disk space must be available to create a second temporary version of the file, as the resize process creates a temporary file and then copies the data from the original file to the temporary file.

Once copied then the temporary file is renamed to the original file. Change file properties 1. Enter jrf command with options verbose display and to allow downsize of file. After completing the jBASE installation, one of the optional tasks you can select is to install and configure the compiler. Main program executables by default are copied in the home directory “bin” directory. Subroutine object files are collated into evenly sized shared libraries and then by default placed in the home directory “lib” directory.

In order to be able to rebuild a shared library the object file is retained in the “objdir” subdirectory of the “lib” directory.


These object files are no longer required once all the shared libraries have been debugged and ready to release. So when cataloging subroutines, it is much faster to work from an active select list. The same is true when decataloging subroutines. Create a program 1. The jbackup utility provides fast on-line backup facilities and can also be xommands to check file integrity.

Specify the directories you want to backup and then pipe the directory into the jbackup command. Create a backup for our account 1. The jrestore utility provides fast on-line restores from the saves produced by the jbasr utility. The jrestore can be controlled to restore from any file type on the backup, from single records to multiple ocmmands.

Restore the whole account to another jbqse note the use of the -c and -d options: Restore a hashed file set, e. Restore a single record from a hashed file most commonly requested scenario. Thisexample is restoring record ‘REC1’ in the F. From the standard shell we will enter the jrestore command to initiate the backup using the following syntax:.


Running the below jrestore command will overwrite the existing account with your account backup. Please make sure this is your intention. Product Resources About Contact. Welcome to jBASE’s new documentation site! If you are unable to find the information you are looking for, jBASE Support will be glad to assist in resolving your technical problems.

Enjoy and please provide comments and feedback. How can we help you? Where are the subroutines? Simplest version of where the data is located. First one in the list is returned.

On Windows, colors can be globally set using the Console setup from the Control Panel or by selecting the Properties of a jShell shortcut If the jsh command is issued without arguments, a jsh process is commands andthis process becomes your command shell. If Account Name is not specified, the last element in Account Directory is used as the account name.


Leave this keyword out to create both dictionary and data file. The name can include absolute or relative path information. The value is set to YES by default. The value is set to NO by default. Create a file 1. Create hashed file data only: Create hashed file dictionary only: Create both data and dictionary file: In this case, the record-list is ignored. The edit session then terminates, or continues with the next record, if this choice is in effect.

If updates have been made you will be prompted for confirmation before the updates are discarded. Add the jbaase data into the corresponding row. REC1 1 Records Listed 5. Add the following data into the corresponding rows. Check the result with the jstat command. Enter jchmod command with the option to add backup of file using jbackup.

Jbaes resize mbase to a lower modulo requires that the ‘D’ option also be invoked along with the ‘C’ option. In normal operationthe commmands hash method for the file should be used, however the -M option allows experimentation with different hash methods, which may have a small benefit dependent upon the nature of the record key, ‘n’ specifies the hash method, 1,2,3,4 or 5.

Using temp file s: The source is compiled using the mbase command. The command then cleans up any scratch files it created. Edit the program using JED and add the data below. Windows does not have a ‘find’ command so jBASE provides a ‘jfind’ command; the syntax is essentially dommands same, so you would have something like this: From the standard shell we will enter the following syntax: The account’s location will be located and piped to jbackup.

In our example below we will be using C: Restore the whole account note the use of the -v, -O and -f options: From the standard shell we will enter the jrestore command to initiate the backup using the following syntax: BP Native file C: Please fill out the contact form below and we will reply as soon comands possible.

Not finding what you’re looking for? Specifies that a jsh process should be spawned to execute command. When command terminates, the jsh process will also terminate. Specifies which shell emulation to use when executing jsh. The jsh will default to the previous emulation used by the current port.

Opens the tty device and accepts commands from the keyboard when the jSHELL has been invoked to process a command input file.

Last modified: August 4, 2020