Documents Similar To Juan Tamariz – Verbal encyclopedia-of- Uploaded by. Lulu. [Larry Jennings] the Classic Magic of Larry. Verbal Magic By Juan Tamariz has 5 ratings and 0 reviews. The magic that marks the most attention is the one that takes place in the hands of the viewer. Magic that can be done over the Radio or on the phone.

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The Other Brothers When it happens in their hands – It’s an old adage of conjuring: The strongest magic happens in the hands of the audience. A lesser-known corollary to this is: The more that happens there, the stronger the magic.

So what if it all happened in their hands? What if the magician wasn’t even in the room? What if only his voice were guiding them From the radio – or the television – or from far away? That is what Spain’s greatest magician, Juan Tamariz, asked himself. And from this question sprang a body of magic that has astonished vast audiences in Spain and Latin America when performed on radio and television, on stage and close up. It is magic that has fooled both the public and master magicians.

Using only a few playing cards, pieces of paper and other common objects as props, audiences are led through a variety of entertaining processes that lead to their utter mgic.

Through clever principles, old and new, combined with cunning psychology and ground-breaking strategies, Juan Tamariz makes magic happen in everyone’s hands.

Magic Tricks

He fools people into amazing themselves! Further, as you follow the radio transcripts in these pages, he will fool you, too. So open this book and join the amazed. Then share the amazement and fun with your audiences, whether they are listening to the radio, watching television or in the room with you. Follow along as Juan Tamariz tells you to take a few red and black cards from a deck and mix the colors in ways random, chaotic and independently determined.


Yet, when you are finished, the colors magically separate! That’s right, you perform Oil and Water for yourself and have no idea how it happened – just as thousands of people have done while listening to Juan Tamariz over the radio, on television and in live audiences. People freely choose a card, lose it in a packet, mix the cards thoroughly, and then magically discover their own selections-without knowing how they did it.

The magic leaves Tamariz’s hands and settles in their own!

tamagiz This book collects over forty such tricks and presentations, all refined and tested through professional performance. Close associate Gema Navarro, under the guidance of Juan Tamariz, has meticulously transcribed presentations from tapes of numerous radio broadcasts.

The transcripts are so detailed, they first let the reader fool himself, and then give him the information necessary to entertain vverbal astonish his audiences, and the tools to devise many other effects that happen entirely in their hands and heads. Scattered in the maglc of magic is a scant number of participation effects suitable for performance on radio and television; and those tricks are sought and coveted by professionals.

In Verbal Magic Juan Tamariz reveals the largest body of such magic ever offered, while taking it in new directions and teaching new principles with wide-reaching possibilities for further application. He also shows that this type of magic is just as astonishing when performed close up and for theater audiences. As a final bonus, Verbal Magic provides the largest record yet, for non-Spanish speakers, of what it is like to be part of Tamariz’s audience.


Here is a long, in-depth look at how a master magician simultaneously entertains and mystifies. Pages – Deluxe Hardcover. Subscriptions Top Inventors 1. You can spend it on anything you like at Penguin, just like cash.

Just complete your order as normal, and within seconds you’ll get an email with your gift certificate. Questions about this product. Have a question about this product? Customer Reviews showing 1 – veral 3.

[PDF] Juan Tamariz – Verbal Magic – Free Download PDF

Showing evrbal Most Helpful Newest. This is one fantastic book! It is wonderful to watch the magic happen in your own hands. Then, you can make someone else wide-eyed simply by giving them a few directions with cards or pencil and paper. Can’t recommend it verball. Did this review help you?


Do you want to respond to this review? Well, this is a great book indeed. You will find self-workers in this book, the difference is compered to any other books with self-workers, magi your audiance can do it EVEN if you are not in the room with them. To me this makes it so powerful, and unique. Buy it, share it, perform it, and make your audience go crazy! One of my best purchase ever! I like sleight of hand magic more than self working magic and I am not afraid to do difficult sleights.

I have read just a few of these tricks and Verbl wouldn’t say that they are really really strong they’re probably getting stronger as I go through the book BUT its really tamaeiz to read because I do the effects as I read them and it amazes me first. Now, you could say, that this is the case with every magic book, but the difference is that there are no sleights and the audience by hearing the instructions from you, can do these tricks and they can amaze themselves.

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