62 Lines by Wespazjan Kochowski (–), who himself took part in the revenge 63 W. Kochowski, Psalmodia polska oraz wybór liryków i fraszek [ Polish. Kochowski, “Psalmodia polska,” , quoted in Bogucka, Dzieje kultury polskiej do roku, This would be a good starting point to explore the discourse. The NOOK Book (eBook) of the Psalmodia polska by Wespazjan Hieronim Kochowski at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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Wespazjan Vespasian Kochowski coat of arms: Next, during ten years, he fought as Polish winged psalmldia with CossacksMuscovy and Swedish he took part, among others, in the battle of Beresteczko. During that time, Kochowski was involved in political life regional councilsstate parliamentslocal officesgaining large respect among the nobility. This is a collection of several hundreds verses, divided in four books of lyricsone book of epodes and two books of epigrams.

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He showed the variety of topics, feelings, stylistic figures and versification forms. He kochwoski the care of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealthpraised its triumphs, criticised its weaknesses, encouraged compatriots to defence it; he glorified life in the country and his paternal region, thanked God for looking for him and also joked at many ordinary situations in life.


In Kochowski also wrote two religious poems: Kochowski had used the information from many witnessesdocuments and his own experiences and he had done it so well. This book is one of the main sources for the old Polish history.

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In Kochowski took part in the battle of Vienna as historiographus privilegiatus the privileged historian ; a position granted to him by king Jan III Sobieskian admirer of his historian skills. Next year he published the official relation from that — Commentarius belli adversus Turcas Memoirs from the war against Turks. It distinguishes itself, on one hand, by the Bible stylization, and on the other hand, by the change of point of view from Hebrew to Polefrom Jew to Christianfrom ancient person to modern one.

There are mixed 14 private and 22 public psalms.

File:PL Kochowski-Psalmodia polska 067.jpg

Psalmodia polska is recognized as one of the main monuments of old Polish literature and the best synthesis of Sarmatism. In Kochowski married Marianna Marianne Misiowska. They had a son, Hieronim Franciszek Jerome Francisas late as After the death of Marianna in he married rich widow Magdalena Madeline Frezer. In she also died.


Kochowski was very popular in his time. He was also so popular in the last period of partitions and between the Wars. Last time he is more and more esteemed again.

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