Instructional DVD on combat with the Messer (or Long Knife) according to the teachings of fencing master and priest Johannes Lecküchner. Inspired in the popular Langes Messer from s. XV, this waster incorporates all the important qualities relative to weight, the balance, and the mass dynamics of a. Leckuchner created his manual in the Grand Tradition of Lichtenauer’s Zettel, so he holds pretty close in both his format and techniques.

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Here the lcekchner states a breaking against the element where one holds one at the neck with the hilt, and this is the first breaking, as the breakings are numerous and various. This is called taking away on the Messer. Wind the point to the left to the bowing Do the war and he will be duped. Linnckh vnnderfar den Rechten mit gehultz yberreysz Im fechten. Hye sagtt der meyste[r] von dem vb[er]durch stech[e]n vnd dy selb[e]n gehor[e]n zu treyb[e]n mit grosser fursichtikaytt vnd nohent bey dem man[n] Das du dar ob nit nyd[er]ligest nun thu Im also Gee zu dem man[n] mit deyne[m] Entrusthaw zu seyn[er] linck[e]n seytt[e]n vnd schlag da[r]nach vmb zu der recht[e]n seytt[e]n vnd windt dy swech seynes messers vbe[r] seyn messer gegen seyn[er] linck[e]n seytt[e]n vnd far vntt[e]ndurch seyn arm[e] wyd[er] auff seyn rechte seytt[e]n.

Here the master states a breaking against the first leckhcner, that is against the Messer-taking with the armed hand, and speaks: Assume it this way: Then, assume the Eber this way: Learn to draw after Make the cuts point to the defence Learn to do them in a double manner You should expose yourself with the art. This way, you will get his right arm clenched above your left one, and also his Messer, as it is depicted above.

Weckh Linck nit kurtz haw den wechsel Recht prauch. If he strikes from above long from his right shoulder to you, make sure he does not reach you with the stroke and notice, in the moment as he lets his Messer go down towards the ground with the stroke, leap with the right foot and strike to him from above to the opening of his right side sooner than he comes high again with the Messer.


Item wann du Mit em zufechten zu dem Mann kumpst. And do the drawing after this way: You may hit him with it, but before you hit him you should do a double feint. Learn to turn your edge And send the point with it. You find this element as this one that stands before.

Den krieg auf losz oben. Now, the master has said about the first element, that is about the Zornhau. Here the master states a good element that you should perform this way: Now he begins to speak about the first part of the division, that is about the Zornhau.

If he wants to pull from the binding You should press his hand.

Messer Leckuchner – BlackFencer

Munich Version II leckcher This way, he will be able to stand with the rightful art in front of the princes and lords, and his art will be better rewarded to him than to other masters who do not know these things and cannot perform them.

Item hawt er dir von Im luginsland zu vnnd du auch dar Innen steest. If you have deflected the mutating in the hanging point You may hurry straight to the face Here the master teaches a breaking against the mutating and says: Wil er strauffen Mit dem gehultz vber louffen [92r] Sin schwech zugt ze dir Schrit recht stos schier. Wirt er des ort gewar. Here the master states a breaking against the element when one has grabbed your right arm with his left one and speaks: Then, if he has grabbed you with the hilt as before, and wants to do the sun lckchner, go with your Messer under his both arms to your left side, so that the point goes kesser behind, and assume the armed hand, and go high with the hilt and with the right arm.

Item die messsr hut oder Leger haist der Eber darein schickh dich also.

Johannes Lecküchner

Then, if you want to do another element, let your left arm hang, and as you have grabbed his right arm on your chest, hit with your left shoulder at his elbow from behind and pull with your right hand his right one to your chest and press with the right hand his right one firmly over your chest, and leap firmly to your right side. If he has cut the hand inside Strike the hand and the stroke may win. Here the master speaks about a main element, that is about bowing and its peculiarities.


Item nimpt dir ainner ab an dem Duseggen. Then, stand with your left foot forwards and do the wheel from your left side and step with your right foot forwards and with the left foot always follow the right one till you come to it.

Item das soltu also Verstan. If you want to break the taking away with the flat of the Messer Wind in the rightway if you want to take revenge. You should understand it in this manner: Hye sagtt d[er] meyste[r] Eyn pruch wyd[er] dy obgemelt[e]n messe[r] neme[n] so du auff eyne[n] gehaw[e]n hast der keyn mess[er] hatt vnd er versetz dir mit dem arm[e] als ob[e]n geschrib[e]n stet vnd er fertt dir vb[er] deyn messe[r] Indes windt deyn messe[r] vmb das dy kurtz schneyd vntt[e]n stee vnd far auff mit deyne[m] gehultz vnd setz Im den ortt auff seyn prust.

DVD – The Messer of Johannes Lecküchner

Hie lertt de[r] meiste[r] abe[r] ein pruch wide[r] den wecke[r] vnd spricht Den wecker ist [etc] Das soltu alzo verstan hawt er vo[n] seine[r] recht[e]n seitt[e]n den wecker auff dein lincke seitt[e]n Indes windt dein mess[er] auff dein lincke seitt[e]n vnd far mit de[m] hang[e]nde[n] ortt auff vnd schlag In mit de[m] entrusthaw zu seine[m] kopff ode[r] setz Im den ortt an als du woll waist [etc].

Item wann dir ainner Ernstlich einnhawt.

Item wann er sich vor dir verhawt vnd du Im nachhawest. Here the master teaches a good element from the strokes from below announced before and says: Do the Wecker, to the face, etc.

Wellicher will Lernen Fechten Inn Duseggen. Here the master states a breaking against the element described above and speaks: Item so dir ainner ain Bogen scheubt.

This way, you have the man the surer and you can give a good stroke to his head.

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