The Misanthropic Luciferian Order (MLO) is an occult order founded in Sweden in and later renamed to Temple of the Black Light. The MLO released Liber Azerate, a modern grimoire written by the order’s. Liber Azerate: The Book of Wrathful Chaos. 18 likes. Book. Does anyone have *ANY* information about the M.L.O. (Misanthropic Luciferian Order) and their book “Liber Azerate”? By the way, does.

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Marduk became the leader of the cosmic gods.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here But, under the name Azerate the eleven anti-cosmic chaospowers joins and transforms into the eleven-headed black dragon, wich makes their dissolutionary powers more concentrated and powerful. Communism and Socialism must be fought, as they seek to have everyone wallow in mediocrity.

BlackDragon Thank you very much. LaVey made a few critical errors in his works. Eretik I found this a while back, Slayer magazine. But the fact is that as “religious” black metal became more and more popular, a lot of people became interested in it, not all of them, to say the least, capable of understanding it and decyphering the original ideas behind it.

Morality is a human construct, and is relative, not universal. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Black Metal

Perhaps they wanted to have bragging rights, or look cool in front azzerate their friends, not realizing that the information in the book they bought, i. There are a few men that got Satanism right, three of those men are Michael Ford author of several booksJon Nodtveidt musicianand Frater Nemidal grandmaster of the Misanthropic Luciferian Order, and author of the Liber Azerate.

Retrieved from ” https: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The anti-cosmic gods unite to form Azerate, the eleven-headed dragon of Chaos, the one that burns holes in the universe itself so that Chaos may flood through. Magick is the will to create azeratr in the environment by manipulating the flow of energy. The abomination that is Christianity must be wiped from this Earth.


It is merely information that could have been used by someone else that happens to be in the hands of someone who really can care less about it.

The Demiurge was pleased with his creation, and was pleased that they were following him like sheep.

Live fast, die hard, fucking worlds and shooting stars. Torches does not agree with everything above, this is not out of azeratw disrespect, but merely stemming from differing ideas. Make war for the sake of war, for combat separates the sheep from the wolves. It is natural to want to do things for self-gain. Make yourself a terror to your adversary.


It is hypocritical to call on these forces for help, and then to protect yourself from the very powers you have invoked. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

LaVey was a hypocrite, as he said a Satanist should never call upon the name of god in a Satanic ritual. The subject is interesting to me as well, yet it is my opinion that as a result of actions of some untrustworthy individuals who uploaded “Liber Azerate” to the internet the whole subject became flattened and despiritualized.

Be bold, walk your own path. May your hatred towards them burn as bright as a thousand suns. Marduk needed a creation to rule over to satisfy his thirst for power. In the meantime, Enki made love to azerare whore, and his son Marduk was born. In other words, bringing forth the original chaos. Marduk, being a power-hungry whore, decided to confront Tiamat.

Liber Azerate: The Book of Wrath​ful Chaos

Lylusay Tateros Volt Sids Lucifer! His will is his own law. ThanatEros Hello nataShow are you? Satan offers to rekindle the black flame, making man into god.

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