Here is a list of all documented class members with links to the class documentation for each member: a -. ABS_TIME_DATE_FORMAT. Detailed Description. This is the central class in the log4cxx package. Most logging operations, except configuration, are done through this class. Logging Services. log4cxx project. About · Team · Documentation log4cxx Documentation. Version Short introduction to log4cxx · Logging macros.

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It may also be the only way because debuggers are not always available or applicable. Set the level of this Logger.

PropertyConfigurator Class Reference

WriterAppenderEvent resetConfiguration: Add newAppender to the list of appenders of this Logger instance. LoggerResourceBundle parse: Hierarchy – i – ignoresThrowable: If such an entry exists, an attempt is made to create an instance using the default constructor.

This syntax means that an optional level can be supplied followed by appender names separated by commas.

Logger names are case-sensitive and they follow the hierarchical naming rule: Close this AsyncAppender by interrupting the dispatcher thread which will process all pending events before exiting. Set the resource log4fxx to be used with localized logging method l7dlog. The SocketAppender does not use a layout. If true, the information sent to the remote host will include location information.


Call the appenders in the hierrachy starting at this. Logging does have its drawbacks. LogLog – r – read: Print the date in ISO format log4j.

log4cxx – Documentation

WaitAccess – w – wait: Log a message string with the INFO level. Thread – s – scheduledFilename: Logger hierarchy The first and foremost advantage of any logging API over plain std:: This instance is used for subsequent Logger creations within this configurator. For appender named appenderNameset its class.

The syntax for configuring an appender’s layout is: The appender name can contain dots. RootCategoryLogger setLocationInfo: SocketImplDatagramSocket connection: Drop the connection to the remote host and release the underlying documenttion thread if it has been created.

The period log4cxc determined by the delay argument. Since logging is rarely the main focus of an application, the log4cxx API strives to be simple to understand and to use. AppenderSkeletonAppender cloneStack: The named appender is defined using the appender syntax defined above.


The default value of this option is which corresponds to 30 seconds. Remove the appender passed as parameter from the rocumentation of appenders. The RemoteHost option takes a string value which should be the host name of the server where a SocketNode is running. Like getLogger except that the type of logger instantiated depends on the type returned by the LoggerFactory makeNewLoggerInstance method of the factory parameter.

Log4cxx is an open source project based on the work of several authors. See the appender additivity rule in the user manual for the meaning of the additivity flag.

The root logger can be assigned multiple appenders. Appender “A1” will be a SyslogAppender log4j. First, the user supplied key is searched in the resource bundle.

Last modified: May 9, 2020