Lorenz B. Puntel and Alan White. Being and God argues that defensible philosophical theorization concerning the topic “God” is both possible and necessary. Lorenz B. Puntel, born in , studied philosophy, psychology, classical philology, and Catholic theology in Munich, Vienna, Paris, Rome, and Innsbruck. Authors. Lorenz B. Puntel. Abstract. The necessary task for philosophy is the development of a metaphysical ontology, i.e., a philosophical theory of everything .

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Lorenz Bruno Puntel – Wikipedia

As far as non-analytic philosophy since the end of World War II is concerned, the following may be noted globally: The urgency of this task is apparentin, for example, the weakness of proofs for the existence of God. A few examples well illustrate this phenomenon.

Please try your request again later. These factors include the following: Structure and Being is the winner of Findlay Book Prize. What is meant is instead that what this book calls the unrestricted universe of discourse is understood and articulated at least in its global structuration.

Even a simple ignoring of the history of philosophy is a particular way of denying that history any positive significance, and indeed, in a certain respect, the most radical way of doing so. The comprehensive character of philosophy — earlier brought into question only rarely and never fundamentally — remains present in these schools of thought, albeit only in a somewhat paradoxical manner.

Metaphysical Questions in Sartre’s Phenomenological Ontology.

Works on topics in the domain of the philosophy of mind have directly ontological components and implications, but what ontology is presupposed or used by a given theory in the philosophy of mind remains, as a rule, unsaid.


An additional, later line of separation is to be noted; this is between analytic philosophy and various other schools of thought that have developed, some of which persist, with varying degrees of vivacity, into the present.

Pietro Antonio Ferrisi – – Augustinianum 51 1: Thus, philosophy can simply restrict its concern to the history of philosophy or indeed identify itself with this concern. It cannot, for example, or can no longer be said that the method of the analysis of pumtel is currently widely accepted.

Being and God | Northwestern University Press

This of course presupposes that the philosopher develops a conception of systematic philosophy that does not simply do away with the history of philosophy and that wholly coherently makes possible an open future for philosophy. Cosmological Arguments from Contingency in Philosophy of Religion.

The basic conceptual structures required for this task are the three fundamental modalities: Ascent to the Absolute: He deems such philosophers as Gilbert Ryle, John Austin, and the later Wittgenstein to be explicitly non-systematic in both of his senses.

Daniel Nolan – – Philosophical Perspectives 25 1: Thus, the explication of Being, from within an adequately articulated framework, should be the central focus of philosophy. The listing of such factors in no way provides a systematic understanding and articulation of the factors loenz by a complete or integrally determined method.

Find it on Scholar. From this arises the more general question: For reasons presented at the end of this Introduction, this term is used in this book, if at all, only marginally, and certainly not as the proper designation of the philosophy here presented.


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That they do not makes questionable the coherence of the conceptions they present. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. The Deadlock of Absolute Divine Simplicity. It is present explicitly in a manner that is virtually exclusively negative i. Metaphysical Papers and Lectures.

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First, the goal of philosophy is the analysis loremz the structure of thought, second, this thought is to be distinguished strictly from the thinking studied by psychology, and third, the only correct method for the analysis of thought is that of the analysis of language. Get to Know Us.

As far as analytic philosophy is concerned, Dummett appears to hold that to the extent that it is systematic up toit is so only in the second sense. In opposition to the schools phntel thought just introduced, analytic philosophy develops along significantly more modest lines.

Heidegger, above all, presses such a meta conception to the greatest extreme in that he attempts to develop a thinking that understands itself as explicitly superior to all preceding philosophies, and thereby claims to have a character yet more radically comprehensive than any of those others. It argues that there can be truths only relative to sufficiently determinable theoretical frameworks, and that all such frameworks are genuinely revelatory ontologically.

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