Find great deals for Samsung Ltnp4-l02 ” Matte SXGA LCD Screen. Shop with confidence on eBay!. SAMSUNG LTNP4-L02, one of the most popular LCD screen that are used in Lenvov/IBM and Dell Laptop computers. This inch SAMSUNG. 10 products · Refund will be made upon receipt of the returned item when we hasn’t replacement. · Defective products must be returned within 7.

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Knowing your laptop is working again is our greatest happiness. Now, please be forewarned that this is an IPS buff talking The thing is, the red hue is supposed to be quite symptomatic of the bulb failing.

Frankly, I feel a bit angry with lenovo for offering laptops wiht panels that should be put rather in museums of ancient history.

I’m thinking of getting the backlight from here: With the new inverter, it doesn’t light up at any point. I’d need an oscilloscope, presumably, but since the bulb isn’t lighting up, it means that Ltb141p4 probably shouldn’t just stick the probes to the terminals I haven’t decided yet what to do about this.

LTN141P4-L02 T43 T43P ThinkPad T60 T61 1400*1050

He used colorful metaphors, but the ltn41p4 curve of electronic equipment failures is a well-known phenomenon. Email id required Email id not in correct format. How their compare in regard of contrast, viewing angles etc.

I still think it’s not the fuse, because then no inverter would work at any time, I imagine. Nothing worng with the standard screen by itself and I feel perfectly comfortable in both formats.

The vertical viewing angles are almost non-existend and photos look plain horrible. I didn’t thought that sach a average screen can spoil me I mean, you must agree that this is neither FlexView nor Apple. Thank you also for the tip regarding the fuse.

Anyway, the situation is as follows; I got a whole display assembly including the frame and an XGA panel for a T61 from EBay, along with the replacement motherboard for the faulty T Some time ago I posted here asking for help re. E-Bay is a possibility, certainly, but ordering a complete LCD seems like another wager.

  ASTM D2095 PDF

The shop I ordered it from swore up and down that it’s new and that if I want, I can send it back at my own expense and they’d test it. See our Sustainability Report.

It is possible that the new one was lgn141p4 incorrectly, lyn141p4 do you think the new one was just defective? You should also check the fuse immediately to the ,tn141p4 of the mobo’s LCD connector.

What do I have to be most careful about? Getting a set of CCFL bulbs 2 of them Message 3 of 5. That said, obviously I don’t want anything to blow either You could purchase a complete LCD and just drop it in with out risking damage to the screen itself, as I have done several lt1n41p4 Apart from what they simply call “wires” and “ends” I can’t figure out what exactly they meanall of the stuff contained within is standard off the shelf stuff, presumably cut to size.

I have read people in the forums having regrets about buying T61 with Great experience doing business with you. Sadly, the new inverter doesn’t seem to work at allas the backlight doesn’t light up at any point. The problem her is quality as I think that widescreen panels are much better in the terms of viewing angles and colour rendering. So you probably just got an infant mortality replacement inverter, a stroke of bad luck, but not insurmountable.

CCFL replacement for LTNP4-L02 – Thinkpads Forum

Sign-up Get e-mail updates on new products, special offers and promotions! Besides, while the voltage inverter output is high, the maximum power that the circuit can provide is limited since the fuses on the motherboard are supposed to blow way before anything really dangerous would happen. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.


If I were to compare it against TN panels used on older ThinkPads, I’d say that it’s definitely better than ones used on T30, and not as good as ones used on R40 or G Know more about this protection. It still leaves me with the SXGA panel with my kludgy bulb repair job.

Cheers, George In daily use: In the end it might be cheaper to just get another working LCD. I have this question too.

Samsung LTNP4-L02 ” Laptop LCD Screen | eBay

Please do NOT send private messages since I won’t be able to read them. I’d hate that machine to just gather dust Enter the code shown: It’s a spanish store: I’m not doing anything without consulting an electronic engineer.

Another question on my mind is about whether to also replace the inverter. Since I have two panels now, I’m under less pressure to get it right the first time. Unfortunately, using my old inverter, the backlight only lights up for a couple of seconds on startup, at normal brightness as far as I can discern and then turns off- always at the same point during startup, a little bit before the post screen disappears.

Fast and efficient service. If you know where I can buy one or have one for sale, let me know.

LTN141P4-L02 HT14P12-100 HT14P12-101 HT14P12 LCD SCREEN

Buying Process Learn more about our shopping cart and how lgn141p4 can securely place order online. The noises in mine are barely noticeable and very occasional, whereas the one from the T60 I bought and scavenged the panel from sounded pretty bad plus the screw holes don’t line up with the mounting points in the screen cage.

Recently I bought T61 with

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